Ferocious Planet

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Ferocious Planet DVD.jpg
DVD cover
Written by Douglas G. Davis
Directed by Billy O'Brien
Producer(s) Mary Callery
Editor(s) Grainne Gavigan
Running time 88 minutes
Original release
  • April 9, 2011 (2011-04-09)

Ferocious Planet (released on DVD in some places as The Other Side or Alien Gateway) is a 2011 television film co-produced by Syfy and MNG films. It was filmed on location in Ireland. It is the 23rd film of the Maneater Series.


During the demonstration of a device which allows the observation of alternate dimensions, an accident causes the building in which the demonstration is taking place - and its occupants - to be transported to a dimension seemingly devoid of animal life but for large, vicious carnivores which hunt and kill the displaced humans one by one. A creature with six eyes attacks the people. The senator is attacked and ripped in half, and Lex has a heart attack. While researching an alien creature, Josh Burke accidentally sprays Al with an acidic toxin, and the first creature kills the private. While out getting water, two groups of three include Sam, Josh, and Dr. Karen Frost in one group, and Rivers, Dr. Jillian O'Hara and Murphy in the other, try to get out. Josh steals an egg, drops it on the rock, and is instantly sliced in half by "Momma." Rivers blows himself up to save Sam, and Brian Murphy is attacked and killed by "Momma". Only Colonel Synn, Dr. Frost, and Dr. O'Hara are left. Dr. Frost goes off by herself in an attempt to find intelligent life because of a structure she saw in the distance, only to discover too late that it was part of a building that got beamed with them and she is attacked and eaten by "Momma" off-screen. At the same time Colonel Synn and Dr. O'Hara manage to repair the device and return home, but discover that upon their return, off-screen damage from the machine has apparently caused chaos in their world, presumably bringing through one of the monsters.


  • Colonel Sam Synn - Joe Flanigan
  • Senator Jackson Crenshaw - John Rhys-Davies
  • Dra. Karen Fast- Catherine Walker
  • Josh Burk - Sam O'Mahony
  • Lieutenant Rivers - Yare Jegbefume
  • Private Jordan Reid - Chris Newman
  • Dra. Jillian O'Hara - Dagmar Döring
  • Brian Murphy - Rob Soohan
  • Lex Michaels - Kevin Flood
  • Al Icia - Shashi Rami


Ferocious Planet was filmed in Ireland.


Reviews have been generally poor. On Rotten Tomatoes, 11% of reviewers gave it a positive review, while IMDb users rated it 4.4 out of 10.

Home Media[edit]

Ferocious Planet was released on DVD on July 5, 2011. It is also being released in the UK under the title "Star Gate" on September 15, 2014.


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