Ferox trout

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Ferox trout
Salmo ferox.jpg
Scientific classification
S. ferox
Binomial name
Salmo ferox
Jardine, 1835

Ferox trout (Salmo ferox) is a variety of trout found in oligotrophic lakes/lochs of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. Ferox trout is a traditional name for large, piscivorous trout, which in Scotland feed largely on Arctic char. It has been argued to be a distinct species, being reproductively isolated from "normal" brown trout (Salmo trutta) of the same lakes, particularly in Ireland.[2] However, it is uncertain whether the ferox of different lakes are all of a single origin.[2] This fish grows to a length of 80 centimetres (31 in) SL.[3]

Scottish authorities currently do not regard Scottish ferox to be taxonomically distinct from Salmo trutta.[4]

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