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Status Active
Founded 1894 (1894)
Founder Maulvi Feroz-ul-Din
Country of origin Pakistan
Headquarters location Lahore
Distribution Nationwide
Publication types Books and magazines
Revenue Rs 400 million
No. of employees 200
Official website ferozsons.com.pk

Ferozsons (Pvt) Limited (also Ferozsons Publishers) (Urdu: فیروزسنز‎) is a Pakistani publishing company in Lahore, Pakistan. It is a book publishing house in Pakistan since 1894 with an estimated net worth of Rs 8 billion. Recently, a laboratory was also established in Lahore [1][2]


Ferozsons was established in 1894 by Maulvi Feroz-ul-Din, first owner and founder of Ferozsons. He started his work by publishing and printing the books in Lahore.[1][2]


Now the company is spread countrywide in 26 big cities of Pakistan. It does the publishing, printing and selling of the books. It is a large book distribution network in Pakistan. It has created its retailing and distribution network in 200 markets including Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi and other major cities of Pakistan.[3] Company has five outlets in Lahore and one each in Karachi and Rawalpindi with its head-office at The Mall road, Lahore.[4]

Closure of historic branch[edit]

The iconic building -- Ghulam Rasool building -- at The Mall, Lahore where Ferozsons started operations was closed down in January, 2017, while the company operated from other branches in the city and elsewhere in the country. In the summer of 2012, the historic bookstore survived a blaze which raged on for days and caused losses worth an estimated Rs150 million. The fire erupted on May 30 and caused the wooden roof of the building to collapse.

Within a month of the inferno, the bookstore again opened its doors to the public. The management made temporary arrangements and restarted sales on June 27, 2012 with a five-member team managing it. However, the building itself took months to get restored to its former glory.[5]


Some of its publishing books, journals and magazines are:

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