Ferrari 195 Inter

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Ferrari 195 Inter
SC06 1951 Ferrari 195 Inter.jpg
195 Inter by Ghia
Manufacturer Ferrari
Production 1950
27 produced
Body and chassis
Class Grand tourer
Layout FR layout
Predecessor Ferrari 166 Inter
Successor Ferrari 212 Inter
See also the 195 S sports racer

The 195 Inter is a sportscar produced by Ferrari in 1950 as a grand tourer (GT) version of the Ferrari 195 S racer.[1]

Introduced at the 1950 Paris Motor Show, it was similar to the 166 Inter shown a year earlier and was aimed at the same affluent clientele. 27 were built in less than a year, receiving the odd-numbered chassis numbers.[2]

Coachbuilders were Carrozzeria Vignale (12), Carrozzeria Ghia (11), Carrozzeria Touring (3) and Motto (1).[2]

Like the last of the 166 Inters, the wheelbase was stretched by 80 mm (3.1 in) to 2,500 mm (98.4 in), but the larger 2.3 L (2341 cc/142 in³) version of the Colombo V12 was the true differentiator. The engine increase was accomplished by pushing the bore from 60 to 65 mm, retaining the 58.8 mm stroke. A single Weber 36DCF carburettor was normally fitted, for a total output of 130 hp (96 kW) though some used triple carbs.

The more-potent (but otherwise similar) Ferrari 212 Inter was introduced at the 1951 Paris show and outlived the 195.


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