Ferrari 268 SP

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Ferrari 268 SP
Ferrari 268SP - 1997 GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED (15827896401).jpg
A Ferrari 268 SP car at the 1997 Goodwood Festival of Speed
CategorySports prototype
Technical specifications
ChassisSteel tubular
Competition history
Notable entrantsScuderia Ferrari
Notable driversGiancarlo Baghetti and Ludovico Scarfiotti
Debut23 June 1962 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

The Ferrari 268 SP is a racing car produced by Ferrari in 1962.[1][2]


The 268 SP belonged to a series of Ferrari models that were characterized by having rear mounted engines. This category of cars was developed from 1961. Four models were produced, all with different sized engines: the 196 SP, 248 SP, 286 SP and the 268 SP.[3]

The first two digits of the numeral in the name of this model refer to the propulsion displacement, which was about 2.6 litres, while the last digit gives the number of cylinders. This engine, which was a V8 engine, was designed by Carlo Chiti and was produced by modifying the crankshaft of the 248 SP propeller.[2] With this correction, the elongation of stroke traveled from 66 mm to 71 mm, but the boring was kept unaltered; In this way the cylinder was increased from 2458.70 cm to 2644.96 cm³.[1]


The 268 SP debuted with Scuderia Ferrari on 23 June 1962 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The drivers alternated between Giancarlo Baghetti and Ludovico Scarfiotti.


The engine was a longitudinal rear mounted V8 engine and not supercharged.[2] The bore and the stroke travel were 77 mm and 71 mm respectively, bringing the total displacement to 2644.96 cc. The compression ratio was 9.8:1.[1] The monobloc and head were manufactured in lightweight alloy.[2] The maximum power delivered by the engine was 265 HP at 7,000 RPM.[1]

The chassis was tubular steel.[1]


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