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The Ferret 50 is a high-caliber bolt-action rifle developed by Spider Firearms for competition shooting and long-range hunting. It is chambered for .50BMG, .408 CheyTac, and .338 Lapua. The Ferret 50 was crafted as an AR conversion for its high adaptability and customization potential. The stock is made from a polymer, it weighs between 18 and 24lb depending on the caliber, and its barrel length ranges from 18" to 36", again depending on the caliber. It is a single-shot, meaning it has no magazine, internal or external. It can also be finished in either chrome-moly or stainless steel. One key feature of the Ferret 50 is the fish-gill muzzle brake. This allows the rifle to fire large caliber rounds with controllable recoil but no loss in accuracy.

Ferret 50 SuperComp[edit]

The SuperComp Ferret 50 is the competition-level version of the rifle. It can be chambered in all the above mentioned calibers (except .338 Lapua) plus .510 DTC. Among its features are an extended receiver, optional left-handed or right-handed action, adjustable trigger and stock, and detachable rear monopod and forward bipod. As per its purpose, the SuperComp has high customization capabilities, which many purchasers take advantage of.

Ferret 50 Sportsman[edit]

Another version of the Ferret 50 is the Sportsman. It is simply a lower-grade version designed for more casual shooters and hunters. It has no significant difference between the SuperComp except for caliber--the Sportsman does not come in .510 DTC but can be chambered for .338 Lapua.


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