Ferris Mountains

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Ferris Mountains
Ferris Mountains, Carbon County, WY.jpg
North face of Ferris Mountains
Highest point
PeakFerris Peak
Elevation10,037 ft (3,059 m)
Coordinates42°15′25″N 107°14′22″W / 42.25694°N 107.23944°W / 42.25694; -107.23944Coordinates: 42°15′25″N 107°14′22″W / 42.25694°N 107.23944°W / 42.25694; -107.23944
Ferris Mountains is located in Wyoming
Ferris Mountains
Ferris Mountains
CountryUnited States

The Ferris Mountains are a small mountain range in Carbon County, Wyoming.[1] A high white cliff undulates along the entire length of the south side of the range, making it uniquely noticeable. The cliff is predominately visible from U.S. Route 287. The highest peak in the range is Ferris Peak, which rises to an elevation of 10,037 feet (3,059 m). Ferris peak stands 3,000 feet (910 m) above the surrounding valley, and is the highest peak in the Great Divide Basin.[2]

Most of the range is covered by a BLM Wilderness Study Area.[2]

Ferris Mountains limestone cliffs.

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