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Industry Railways
Founded Almada, Portugal
Headquarters Almada, Portugal
Website http://www.fertagus.pt

Fertagus is a commuter rail operator connecting Lisbon, Portugal's capital, to suburbs on the Setúbal Peninsula, located to the south across the Tagus River. Fertagus crosses the river over the Ponte 25 de Abril.

Fertagus is owned by the Portuguese transportation company, Grupo Barraqueiro. The company's name derives from caminhos-de-ferro, meaning railway, and the Latin form of the river Tagus (which coincides with the English name).

Fertagus is the first private rail operator in Portugal. The company pays REFER a fee for use of its infrastructure.

Fertagus transports 80,000 passengers daily.


Fertagus at the Fogueteiro Station

Fertagus has a single line extending 54 kilometers, serving 14 stations. An end-to-end trip takes 57 minutes. The bridge crossing takes 7 minutes, while the time from between the stations closest to each end of the bridge is 9 minutes.

North of the Tagus (Lisbon)[edit]

Commuter rail system of Lisbon

South of the Tagus (Setúbal district)[edit]


A Fertagus train at Corroios station

Fertagus operates 18 trains manufactured by Alstom. Each train, comprising 4 cars, can carry 1,210 passengers, 476 of whom are seated.


In addition to train service, Fertagus operates Sulfertagus, a fleet of 43 shuttle buses to transport passengers to and from five south-of-the-river stations: Pragal, Corroios, Foros de Amora, Fogueteiro, and Coina.

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