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Fervor Records
Founded 1990
Founder David Hilker, Ted Bulger, Ron Pick, Michael Charlesworth
Country of origin United States
Location Phoenix, Arizona
Official website fervor-records.com

Fervor Records is an American independent record label based in Phoenix, Arizona. Since its origin in 1990, this netlabel has issued releases featuring a wide variety of artists and genres from the 1920s through the present.

Company history[edit]

The label was founded in 1990 in Phoenix, Arizona by entrepreneurs David Hilker, Ted Bulger, Ron Pick and Michael Charlesworth, all staples in the Phoenix music scene. The fledgling company produced the first charity Christmas compilation in Arizona. The disc, Southwest Holiday benefited Central Arizona Shelter Services, a homeless shelter in Phoenix. Fervor achieved local success with three additional compilation releases: Arizona Unplugged, Blue Saguaro, and Musicians for St. Mary's (a second charity release, this one for St. Mary's Food Bank in Phoenix).

Artists appearing on these albums include Jeff Dayton, The Phoenix Boys Choir, Hans Olson, Brian Page & The Next, Cliff Sarde, genepool, Sonya Jason, J. David Sloan and Billy Williams, Bob Corritore, Chico Chism, Big Pete Pearson, The Rocket 88's, Sam Taylor, Scotty Spenner, Chief Gillame, Rena Haus, Buddy Reed and the Rip It Ups, The Hoodoo Kings, London Thompson, Pete Pancrazi and Diana Lee.

By the mid 1990s, Bulger, Pick and Charlesworth had left the company, leaving Hilker and songwriting/production partner John Costello (musician) at the helm. The label then lay dormant while Costello & Hilker went on to produce a variety of local singers and rappers. The duo soon became successful at getting these songs placed in popular US television shows and films.

Current label status and distribution[edit]

The label was re-activated in 2006. Continued high profile TV and film placements generated strong consumer demand for the songs contained in the Fervor Records catalog. Fervor is now an all-digital record label with its catalog available at online e-tailers.

In 2007 the label began acquiring the rights to a large selection of vintage songs and recordings from the 1950s through the 1980s. The music spans numerous styles and subgenres of pop, country and rock. This archive features performances by Waylon Jennings, Wayne Newton, Albert Lee, Al Kooper, Bill Champlin, Al Casey, Sanford Clark, The Jetzons, Loosely Tight, Bartok & Lansky, The Rogues, Phil & the Frantics, Hans Olson, Christopher Blue, Brian Page & The Next, Blue Shoes, Brother Zee & the Decades, Donnie Owens, Bozo Darnell, Jackie Stewart, Tommy Strange & The Features, The Soulsations, Lon Rogers & the Soul Blenders, Patti LaSalle, We The People and numerous others.

The label markets the classic collection as Fervor Records One Stop Shop Vintage Masters Series, Exploring The Sound Of American Music Culture. Current catalog titles include:

  • Vintage Masters 1957–1967
  • Vintage Soul 1962–1984
  • Vintage Rock 1981–1988
  • Vintage New Wave & Pop 1981–1987
  • Vintage Mainstream Rock & Hot AC 1980–1989
  • Vintage Country 1957–1969
  • Vintage Masters 1970–1979
  • Vintage Masters 1960's Rock & Pop

The Fervor Records series includes many Billboard charting songs as well as major label, Hall Of Fame and Grammy Award–winning artists. Fervor Records Vintage Masters is not affiliated in any way with the label Vintage Masters, Inc.


  • John Costello III
  • Suicide Kings
  • Mark Long
  • Jason DeRoss
  • Morgan Butler
  • David Hilker
  • Hans Olson
  • The Jetzons
  • Loosely Tight
  • Brian Page & the Next
  • Bozo Darnell
  • Fayuca
  • The Rogues
  • The Strand
  • Jay Ramsey
  • Bob Kelly
  • The Fly Bi Nites
  • Donnie Owens
  • Phil & the Frantics
  • Brother Zee & the Decades
  • The Gigalos
  • Al Casey
  • We The People
  • The Steam Machine
  • The Soulsations
  • The Soul Blenders
  • The Newlyweds
  • Patti LaSalle
  • Joe Montgomery
  • Brian Rogers
  • Andy Gerold
  • DJ Jay C Three
  • Gary Romero
  • The Jack Gray Orchrestra
  • Phunklogistix
  • Tone Brown
  • Greg Anderson
  • Diana Lee
  • Juanita Brown
  • Isis
  • Paul Taneja
  • RLO
  • Rich Dolmat
  • Young Phoenix
  • Marcus Latief Scott
  • 2 da Groove
  • Cliff Sarde
  • DJ Uff Da
  • Reckless Serenade


  • FVRCD06037 Amazing Hits of the Transistor Era Vol. 1 – Various Artists
  • FVRCD06038 Amazing Hits of the Transistor Era Vol. 2 – Various Artists
  • FVRCD06024 Fervor Divas Sing the Ballads – Various Artists
  • FVRCD06031 The Beautiful Music of Elevators – Various Artists
  • FVRCD06033 Old World Folk – Various Artists
  • FVRCD06028 Muevate! – Muevate!
  • FVRCD06029 Drop the Needle – RLO
  • FVRCD06026 Paul Taneja – Paul Taneja
  • FVRCD06032 The World Goes Pop! – Matt Hirt
  • FVRCD06023 Paradise – Kathy Cushman
  • FVRCD06016 Another Day with the Blues – Hans Olson
  • FVRCD06015 Freestyle – Greg Anderson
  • FVRCD06014 Trance Anthology Vol. 2 – DJ Jay C Three
  • FVRCD06013 Trance Anthology Vol. 1 – DJ Jay C Three
  • FVRCD06027 Electric Mayhem – 2 Da Groove
  • FVRCD06007 Pure House – 2 Da Groove
  • FVRCD06012 Andy Gerold – Andy Gerold
  • FVRCD06011 Thrashin' Action – Brian Rogers
  • FVRCD06006 Attack of the DJ's! – DJ Uff Da/DJ Jay C Three
  • FVRCD06030 Fervor Chillout Sessions Vol. 1 – John Costello
  • FVRCD06017 Apasionado – John Costello
  • FVRCD06001 A Cooler Shade of Jazz – John Costello
  • FVRCD06018 Spheres – John Costello
  • FVRCD06002 Falling Forward – Mark Long
  • FVRCD06003 Barrio Reggaeton – Morgan Butler/Jason DeRoss
  • FVRCD06004 Reggae Revolution! – Reggae Revolution
  • FVRCD06019 Acid Jazz Underground – Rich Dolmat
  • FVRCD06020 Easy Listening Symph-O-Nette – The Jack Gray Orchestra
  • FVRCD06010 Nu R&B – Various Artists
  • FVRCD06021 Porno SoundtraXXX – Various Artists
  • FVRCD06004 Thi$ I$ Hip Hop—Volume 1 – Various Artists
  • FVRCD06005 Thi$ I$ Hip Hop—Volume 2 – Various Artists
  • FVRCD06006 Thi$ I$ Hip Hop—Volume 3 – Various Artists
  • FVRCD06021 Ultimate Lounge – Various Artists
  • FVRC001 Southwest Holiday – Various Artists
  • FVRC112 Arizona Unplugged – Various Artists
  • FVRCD120 Blue Saguaro – Various Artists
  • FVRCD97001 Musicians For St. Mary's – Various Artists

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Fervor Records is an American independent record label based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Fervor Records songs American Prison and Make Me Rich appear in the 2008 film August

Bluesman Hans Olson appears on Fervor Records

The Song Like You Do appears in the 2007 film Her Best Move

Saxophonist Sonya Jason appears on the first Fervor Records release Southwest Holiday

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