Fes Jdid

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Entrance to Fes Jdid from the Mellah (Jewish quarter)

Fes Jdid (English: New Fez) is one of the three parts of Fez, Morocco. It was founded by the Marinids in 1276 as an extension of Fes el Bali.[1]


  1. ^ Legado Andalusí (1999). Itineraire Culturel des Almoravideset des Almohades (in French). Fundación El legado andalusì. pp. 109–. ISBN 978-84-930615-1-7. Retrieved 2013-08-03. A la fin de La fondation de Fès Jdid en 1276 Ce prince grenadin est le descendant d'une branche collatérale des Nasrides.

Coordinates: 34°3′19″N 4°59′25″W / 34.05528°N 4.99028°W / 34.05528; -4.99028