Fesenkov (Martian crater)

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Fesenkov Crater
Fesenkov based on THEMIS Day IR.png
Fesenkov crater on the image based on THEMIS day infrared.
Coordinates21°48′N 86°42′W / 21.8°N 86.7°W / 21.8; -86.7Coordinates: 21°48′N 86°42′W / 21.8°N 86.7°W / 21.8; -86.7
EponymVasilii G. Fesenkov, a Russian astrophysicist (1889-1972)

Fesenkov Crater is an impact crater in the Lunae Palus quadrangle of Mars. It is located at 21.8° N and 86.7° W. It was named after Vasilii G. Fesenkov, a Russian astrophysicist (1889–1972).[1]

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