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The Festhalle Frankfurt

A Festhalle is a German arena or community center. The root meaning of the name "Fest-halle" literally means "Feast-Hall," but is best translated as "Festival Hall" or "Civic Center." Festhalles can be found in many towns and cities in Germany, and range in size and use from small neighborhood activity centers, to large capacity stadiums able to seat thousands of spectators. Some of the best known Festhalle in Germany are as follows:

Frankfurt Festhalle[edit]

The Festhalle in Frankfurt, Germany is used primarily for indoor sports and music concerts. Frankfurt's Festhalle has a capacity of 15,179 people. On October 9, 2004 World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) hosted a live event in the Festhalle as a part of the "Live & Loaded" Tour. WWE is scheduled to come back to this German show venue on December 6, 2007 with a house show from their SmackDown! brand. Canadian prog-rock trio Rush recorded their R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour DVD there on September 24, 2004.

In November 2008, British hard rock band Deep Purple had a concert in Festhalle during the band's 40 years anniversary tour.

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