Festiniog Railway Little Wonder

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Festiniog Railway Little Wonder
Ffestiniog PDold 5.jpg
Little Wonder, photographed c.1871
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Builder George England
Build date 1869
 • Whyte 0-4-4-0T
Gauge 1 ft 11 12 in (597 mm)
Driver dia. 2 ft 4 in (0.71 m)
Loco weight 19.5 long tons (19.8 t)
Water cap 720 imperial gallons
Boiler pressure 160 psi (1,100 kPa) †
Cylinders Four, outside
Cylinder size 8.25 in × 13 in (210 mm × 330 mm)
Valve gear Gooch valve gear
Performance figures
Tractive effort 8,595 lbf
Operators Festiniog Railway
Withdrawn 1882
Scrapped 1882
Disposition Scrapped

The Festiniog Railway Little Wonder was a 0-4-4-0T steam locomotive built by George England for the Festiniog Railway in 1869.[1][2]


Little Wonder was a Double Fairlie type articulated locomotive designed by Robert Francis Fairlie. It was the first Double Fairlie locomotive on the Festiniog Railway and the fourth Double Fairlie locomotive to be built. It was an improvement on earlier designs because it had two fireboxes, instead of one, and this allowed it to steam more freely.


Little Wonder was hailed as a great success and attracted attention from around the world. However, various mechanical problems arose and the engine required frequent repairs. It was withdrawn from service in 1882.[3]

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