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Genre Pop
Location(s) Italy
Years active 1964–2007
Founded by Vittorio Salvetti
Music of Italy
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Music media Music media in Italy
Nationalistic and patriotic songs
National anthem "Il Canto degli Italiani"
Regional music

The Festivalbar was an Italian singing competition that took place in the most important Italian squares during summer, such as the Piazza del Duomo, Milan. The first edition took place in 1964 and was broadcast by RAI.[1] The competition was held throughout the summer and the final round always took place at the Arena in Verona after 3-4 events in various cities of Italy.


Originally, the Festivalbar was a competition made with data from jukeboxes in Italian bars, so the competition was a one evening event transmitted by RAI.

From 1983, Mediaset started to transmit this programme and the Festivalbar would change its location every week.

The original promoter of the Festivalbar was Vittorio Salvetti. After his death in 1998, his son Andrea took the reins.

Winning songs[edit]


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