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Festool GmbH
Industry Manufacturing
Founded 1925
Headquarters Wendlingen, Germany
Products Power tools
Revenue €340 million
Number of employees
Website www.festool.com

Festool is a brand of power tools from Germany. Festool Group GmbH & Co. KG is based in Wendlingen and is a subsidiary of the TTS Tooltechnic Systems holding company. The company was founded by Gottlieb Stoll and Albert Fezer in 1925 under the name Fezer & Stoll, to manufacture woodworking machinery.[1]

Festool innovations include the first portable chainsaw , the orbital sander, the portable circular saw with guide rail (called a track saw), and the Domino joiner.[2][3]

Festool's international offices include locations in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.[4] Their United States headquarters is in Lebanon, Indiana.[5] Festool products are designed to work together as a system. They can be stored in modular plastic containers (called 'systainers') that are produced by their sister company Tanos, and to have multi-function parts such as guide rails usable for stationary work and guiding the motion of power tools.[6][7]


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