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"Festus" may refer to:


  • Porcius Festus, a Roman governor of Judea from approximately 58 to 62 AD
  • Sextus Pompeius Festus (latter 2nd century), a Roman grammarian
  • Festus (died 305), martyr along with Proculus of Pozzuoli
  • Festus (historian) (fl. latter 4th century), a late Roman historian and proconsul of Africa
  • Postumius Rufius Festus Avienus, from Etruria, twice appointed consul
  • Festus Hommius (1576–1642), Dutch Calvinist theologian
  • Festus Walters (1849–1922), Ohio jurist and advocate for Gubernatorial judicial independence
  • Festus Tierney (born 1899), former guard in the National Football League
  • Festus Okotie-Eboh (1919–1966), Nigerian politician and former minister for finance during the administration of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa
  • Festus Mogae (born 1939), former President of Botswana
  • Festus Onigbinde (born 1942), Nigerian football manager
  • Festus Iyayi (born 1947), Nigeria writer known for his radical and sometimes tough stance on social and political issues
  • Festus Olabode Ola (born 1956), elected Senator for Ekiti Central constituency of Ekiti State, Nigeria, taking office on 30 June 2009
  • Festus Mwangi Kiunjuri (born 1969), Kenyan politician
  • Festus Agu (born 1975), retired Nigerian footballer who played as a striker
  • Festus Baise (born 1980), Hong Kong professional footballer who plays for Guizhou Zhicheng
  • Drew Hankinson (born 1983), professional wrestler who used the name Festus
  • Festus Ezeli (born 1989), Nigerian basketball player
  • Festus Ueitele, Namibian politician