Fetească neagră

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Fetească Neagră
Grape (Vitis)
Fetească neagră.JPG
Color of berry skin Black
Species Vitis vinifera
Also called Coada Randunicii, Coada Rindunicei, Coada Rindunicii, Coada Rindunicu, Fekete Leanika, Feteasca Ciornaia, Feteke Leanyka , Fetiasca Niagre, Fetjaska Neagra , Fetyaska Chernaya, Fetyaska Chornaya, Koada Rindunichyi, Koardi Ryndunichii, Leanyka Fekete, Fekete Leányka, Maedchentraube Schwarz, Pasareasca Neagra, Pasaryanska Chernaya, Pasaryaska Nyagre, Peseryaske Nyagre, Poama Fetei Neagra, Poama Fetyi Niagre, Poma Feteasca Neacra, Schwarze Madchentraube
Origin Romania
Notable regions Moldova, Muntenia, Oltenia, Dobrogea, Banat
Sex of flowers Hermaphrodite

Fetească Neagră (Romanian pronunciation: [feˈte̯askə ˈne̯aɡrə]); English: Black Maiden)[1] is an old pre-phylloxeric variety of Romanian - Moldovan grape,[2] cultivated mainly in several areas in the Romanian regions of Moldavia and Muntenia and also in the Republic of Moldova.

These grapes produce dry, demi-dry or sweet wines, with an alcohol content of 12-12.5%, a deep red colour with ruby shades, and a black currant flavour, which becomes richer and smoother with aging.

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