Fetească neagră

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Fetească Neagră
Grape (Vitis)
Fetească neagră.JPG
Color of berry skin Black
Species Vitis vinifera
Also called Coada Rândunicii, Coada Rîndunicei, Coada Rîndunicii, Păsăreasca Neagră, Poama Fetei Neagră (rom./mold.), Chornaya Fetyaska (russ.), Fekete Leányka (hungarian), Mädchentraube Schwarz, Schwarze Mädchentraube (germ.)
Origin Romania
Notable regions Moldova, Muntenia, Oltenia, Northern Dobruja, Banat
Sex of flowers Hermaphrodite

Fetească Neagră (Romanian pronunciation: [feˈte̯askə ˈne̯aɡrə]); English: Black Maiden) is an old pre-phylloxeric variety of Romanian[1] - Moldovan grape,[2] cultivated mainly in several areas in the Romanian regions of Moldova, Muntenia, Oltenia, Banat, Northern Dobruja[3] and also in the Republic of Moldova.

These grapes produce dry, demi-dry or sweet wines, with an alcohol content of 12-14%,[4] a deep red colour with ruby shades, and a black currant flavour, which becomes richer and smoother with aging.

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