Feteer meshaltet

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Feteer meshaltet
Feteer meshaltet in Egypt
TypeSweet or savory pastry
Place of originEgypt
Food energy
(per 361 g serving)
1469 kcal (6150 kJ)[1]
Nutritional value
(per 361 g serving)
Protein19.5[1] g
Fat74.8[1] g
Carbohydrate179.7[1] g

Feteer meshaltet (Egyptian Arabic: فطير مشلتت‎, literally "cushioned pies" or "cushion-like pies"), often simply referred to as feteer (فطير), is a flaky Egyptian layered pastry. It consists of many thin layers of dough and ghee and an optional filling. The fillings can be both sweet or savory. Sweet fillings may include cheese, coconut, mehalabiya, malban, nutella or chocolate, while savory fillings can be anything from ground beef to sausage or cheese. Plain feteer is usually soaked in honey and spread with jam or cheese or served with olives. Because of its versatility, feteer is often referred to as an Egyptian pizza.[2][3]

Feteer meshaltet has become an important symbol of hospitality in Egypt. As such, it was served to American president Barack Obama during his visit to Egypt in June 2009.[4] Egyptian families traditionally give it as gifts to visitors and friends. It is also commonly prepared for holidays, weddings, and other celebrations.[2]

Women baking feteer meshaltet


Feteer meshaltet dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was known as "feteer maltoot". It was left at temples as an offering to the gods.[2][5] A recipe for feteer meshaltet was found in the tomb of Eighteenth Dynasty Vizier Rekhmire. The ancient recipe closely resembles its modern counterpart, with the only exception being the addition of honey during the baking process, while modern feteer is normally soaked in honey after the baking process.[6]

During the Mameluk period, a crescent-shaped variant of feteer meshaltet called feteer helali emerged. This version of feteer allegedly spread to Europe and later France, where it inspired the croissant.[2][7][8]

Feteer with honey in Cairo


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