Fethiye Mosque (Ioannina)

Coordinates: 39°40′14.44″N 20°51′47.05″E / 39.6706778°N 20.8630694°E / 39.6706778; 20.8630694
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Fethiye Mosque
Φετιχιέ τζαμί
LocationIoannina, Greece
Fethiye Mosque (Ioannina) is located in Greece
Fethiye Mosque (Ioannina)
Shown within Greece
Geographic coordinates39°40′14.44″N 20°51′47.05″E / 39.6706778°N 20.8630694°E / 39.6706778; 20.8630694
Date established1430

The Fethiye Mosque (Greek: Φετιχιέ τζαμί; Turkish: Fethiye Camii, "Mosque of the Conquest") is an Ottoman mosque in Ioannina, Greece.

The mosque was built in the city's inner castle (Its Kale) immediately after the conquest by the Ottomans in 1430, near the ruins of an early 13th-century Byzantine church dedicated to the Archangels Michael and Gabriel.[1] Originally it was a wooden structure, which was replaced in 1611 by a stone building. It was extensively remodelled in 1795 by Ali Pasha, who made it the main mosque of his palace. The graves of Ali's family and of Ali himself are located before the mosque.[2]

The Fethiye Mosque inside Ioannina Castle


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