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Feuilletine, or pailleté feuilletine (French pronunciation: ​[paj.te fœj.tin]), is a crispy confection made from thin, sweetened crêpes. The crêpe batter is baked for a few minutes, and the crêpes are allowed to cool; as they cool, they become crisp. In French, these crispy crêpes are called crêpes gavottes or crêpes dentelles; but when crumbled into small shards, they become feuilletine.[1]

Feuilletine is decorative and has a buttery flavour, but it is especially valued for the unique texture it adds to dishes.[2][3][4] It is sometimes incorporated into praline, hazelnut paste, and other nut pastes.[3][5] Although feuilletine is produced commercially, it was originally conceived as a way for a pâtisserie to make use of cookie scraps.[1][6]

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