Fever (DC Comics)

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Fever, art by Tan Eng Huat
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Doom Patrol vol. 3 #1 (December 2001)
Created by John Arcudi (writer)
Tan Eng Huat (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Shyleen Lao
Team affiliations Doom Patrol
Abilities pyrokinesis

Fever is a fictional character, a DC Comics superheroine and Doom Patrol member. She first appeared in Doom Patrol vol. 3 #1 (December 2001), and was created by John Arcudi and Tan Eng Huat.[1]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Doom Patrol[edit]

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Shyleen Lao was a Chinese American member of the corporatized Doom Patrol formed by eccentric millionaire Thayer Jost.[2] Even after the team disbanded, Shyleen remained slightly active in the superhero community.[1] She, and several of her DP teammates, attended the mass for fallen and missing superheroes in the six part limited "Infinite Crisis" series (hardback). Then current members of Doom Patrol, Vortext, Nudge, and the ape-like Grunt, also appear on panel, standing near Shyleen and her friends. Shyleen's portrait is currently hung in Dayton Manor in remembrance of former Doom Patrol members.

Teen Titans[edit]

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In Teen Titans #59, she is seen in a holding cell next to Miss Martian and Kid Devil as one of the brainwashed captives of the Dark Side Club. Miss Martian attempts to break her out, but Shyleen has already been brainwashed into loyalty.

Terror Titans[edit]

In Terror Titans #1, Fever is put into a match with the Ravager. Ravager wins and Fever is sentenced to death, but Ravager refuses. Fever was then slain by an unnamed operative of the Dark Side Club.[3]

Powers and abilities[edit]

She has power over heat transfer and, to a degree, fire. Although, in order to control her power, Shyleen wears special gloves that focus her energy.

Other versions[edit]

  • Shyleen was seen in Teen Titans #51–54 during the "Titans Tomorrow" storyline, as a member of the Titans Army under the name Pandemic. The Titans Army hailed from the possible future known as Titans Tomorrow.[4]


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