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Few Model Management
Modeling agency
Founded2015; 4 years ago (2015)
FoundersBolajo Fawehinmi
HeadquartersLagos, Nigeria

Few Model Management is a Nigerian model scouting agency, founded by Bolajo Fawehinmi and based in Lagos, Nigeria. They have existing partnerships with IMG Models and Victoria's Secret.[1]


Few Model Management was founded in 2015, by Bolajo Fawehinmi, a model and graduate of Management and Accounting from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Fawehinmi had moved to Lagos to pursue a career in modeling after previously representing her university as a sportswoman. As a model, she began to take interest in training fellow models, encouraging them to be "comfortable in their skin", after five years as a model, she went on to found Few Model Management.[2]

In two years of operation, Few Model Management gained notoriety for their use of polaroids in portraying models under their management.[2] Their approach, which involves supporting, developing and nurturing the entire modelling career of models under their management, within and outside Nigeria, has led to the discovery of a number of notable modeling talent, including Eniola Abioro, the first Nigerian to walk for Prada[1] and Elizabeth Ayodele, who made her fashion week debut in Milan for Fendi and has also modeled for Saint Laurent in Paris.[3]

IMG Models Partnership[edit]

In 2016, Few Models began a partnership with IMG Models, which started when the latter stumbled upon an Instagram post from Few Model's founder Fawehinmi and in 2017, the two agencies collaborated to organize the Few’s Next Face Model Search, a talent search competition for Models across Africa.[3] Winners of the competition receive a cash prize and a two-year modeling contract with both Few Models and IMG Models. The winner of the 2017 edition, Daberechi Kalu, went on to model in campaigns for Maki Oh, Topshop, and H&M.[4]

The partnership with IMG Models has expanded the sphere of influence of Few Models, and has enabled the company to scout for modeling talent internationally, across the West African sub-region.[3]

2016 till date[edit]

In February 2016, Few Models signed the buzzing social media sensation, bread-seller turned model, Olajumoke Orisaguna, to a modeling contract,Olajumoke had been discovered by celebrity photographer, TY Bello, as she accidentally photo-bombed a photoshoot the photographer was having for UK pop star, Tine Tempah, whilst hawking a tray of bread in a Lagos market.[5]

Few Models was nominated for and won the award for Modeling Agency of the Year at the Lagos Fashion Awards in 2016.[6] In the same year, they also won the award for Modeling Agency of the Year at the West African Fashion Awards,[7]

In January 2018, Ayobami Okekunle, one of the models under the Few Models management was listed by SatisfashionUG as “one of the eight African models to watch out for in 2018”, Ayobami had done professional photoshoots, which had been featured in Vogue Magazine (twice), Elle Magazine and CRF fashion and she made her worldwide debut on the runway at Yves Saint Laurent in Paris.[8]

Models (selected)[edit]

  • Olamide Ogundele
  • Amarachi Ironkwe
  • Ruth Akele
  • Eniola Abioro[9]
  • Ayobami Okekunle[10]
  • Bola Edun
  • Elizabeth Ayodele[11]
  • Daberechi Ukoha-Kalu[12]

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