Feydhoo (Shaviyani Atoll)

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Inhabited island
Feydhoo is located in Maldives
Location in Maldives
Coordinates: 06°21′37″N 73°02′51″E / 6.36028°N 73.04750°E / 6.36028; 73.04750Coordinates: 06°21′37″N 73°02′51″E / 6.36028°N 73.04750°E / 6.36028; 73.04750
Country Maldives
Geographic atoll Miladhummadulhu Atoll
Administrative atoll Shaviyani Atoll
Distance to Malé 245.90 km (152.80 mi)
 • Length 1.170 km (0.727 mi)
 • Width 0.900 km (0.559 mi)
 • Total 1,066
Time zone MST (UTC+05:00)

Feydhoo (Dhivehi: ފޭދޫ) is one of the inhabited islands of the Shaviyani Atoll administrative division and geographically part of the Miladhummadulhu Atoll in the Maldives. Feydhoo is located in the centre of the atoll between the channel called Noomara Kandu and the island of Bileffahi.

Feydhoo was severely damaged during the cyclone of 1821 that hit the northern atolls of the Maldives. This was during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Mueenuddeen I.