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FiOS1 logo.png
Launched March 31, 2007 (Long Island and New Jersey)[1]
May 28, 2014 (Lower Hudson Valley)[2]
Owned by Verizon
Picture format 1080i
(480i letterboxed for SDTV feed)
Slogan "News. Weather. Traffic."
"Bringing you the world outside your door."
"The 1 place for everything on our island." (Long Island only)
"We're all over the lower Hudson Valley." (Lower Hudson Valley only)
"The 1 place for what's happening in New Jersey." (New Jersey only)
Country  United States
Language American English
Broadcast area New Jersey, Long Island, Lower Hudson Valley
Affiliates RNN
Website (New Jersey) (Long Island) (Lower Hudson Valley)
Verizon FiOS 1 (SD)
501 (HD)
Select Markets Only

FiOS1 is a group of regional networks available exclusively on Verizon's Fios TV service. Launched in March 31, 2007 in Long Island and New Jersey and later in May 28, 2014 in Lower Hudson Valley, FiOS1 provides hyper-local news, weather, traffic, sports and also original programming. FiOS1 is only available in Northern New Jersey, Long Island, and Lower Hudson Valley.

These networks include content produced by RNN. In addition the networks also produce their own newscasts. Sports coverage features local high schools and colleges such as Rutgers University, Hofstra University and Princeton University.[3][4]

Current on-air personalities include Morning: Co-anchors: CJ Papa and Christine Persichette Meteorologist: Brian Fitzgerald Traffic reporters: Lorin Richardson and Gloria Chapa

Daytime: Anchors: Christa Lauri Meteorologists: Joe Cioffi Evening: Co-Anchors: Mike Gilliam and Courtney Kane Meteorologist: Joe Cioffi

FiOS1 is on Channel 1 in SD and Channel 501 in HD in the FiOS TV channel lineup and is available at no extra cost to FiOS TV subscribers in the broadcast area.

In 2013 FiOS1 TV Show, Restaurant Hunter received New York Emmy Award in the "Entertainment Feature/Segment".[5]


FiOS1 programs may vary by region. The following programs are offered for the Long Island region [2]:

  • "Push Pause"
  • My Long Island TV[6]
  • Restaurant Hunter
  • Heroes on our Island
  • Money & Main$treet
  • Traffic 360

The following programs are offered for the New Jersey region:[7]

  • "Push Pause"
  • State of Affairs
  • This is Jersey
  • One on One
  • Life and Living
  • Caucus New Jersey
  • New Jersey Means Business

The Caucus Educational Corporation once produced New Jersey Capital Report which was aired on FiOS 1 in New Jersey and ended its run in 2017[8]

The following programs are offered for the Lower Hudson Valley region:[9]

  • Newsbreakers
  • Giants Access Blue
  • FiOS1 News This Week
  • Restaurant Hunter
  • Fitness Friday
  • FIOS1 News, Weather & Traffic

The following programs are offered for all regions:

  • FIOS1 News Morning Edition
  • FIOS1 News Evening Edition
  • FIOS1 News Weekend Edition
  • FIOS1 News Daytime Edition
  • FIOS1 News Now
  • Push Pause
  • Build[10][11][12]

In addition, all FiOS1 regional channels air local High School sports events in their respective region weeknights from 7:30 to 9:30. However, most of these regional newscasts and high school sports events are pre-recorded.

News team[edit]

All regions[edit]

  • Andrew Pineiro - Meteorologist
  • Joe Rao - Meteorologist
  • Michael Friedmann - Meteorologist
  • Rob Petrone - "Restaurant Hunters" host
  • Christine Sloan - "Restaurant Hunters" host
  • Larry Epstein - "Richard French Live" producer
  • Joe Cioffi - Meteorologist
  • Marc Weiner - News Director

New Jersey[edit]

  • Mike Gilliam - Anchor / Reporter
  • Courtney Kane - Anchor
  • CJ Papa - Morning Anchor
  • Gloria Chapa - Traffic / Entertainment Reporter
  • Natalie Paterson - Reporter

Long Island[edit]

  • Christine Persichette - Morning Anchor
  • Courtney Kane - Nighttime Anchor
  • Christa Lauri - Daytime Anchor
  • Gloria Chapa - Traffic / Entertainment Reporter

Lower Hudson Valley[edit]

  • Lorin Richardson - Morning Traffic Anchor / Reporter
  • Christa Lauri - Daytime Anchor
  • Justin Walters - NY Sports Reporter

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