Fiagdon River

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Fiagdon River in Kurtat valley
Country North Ossetia–Alania (Russia)
Physical characteristics
Main source The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range
Length 74 km (46 mi)

Fiagdon (Russian: Фиагдон, Ossetian: Фыййагдон, Fyjjagdon) is a river in North Ossetia–Alania (Russia) west of Vladikavkaz. It flows north between the Ardon River and the Gizeldon Rivers and joins the Ardon before that river joins the Terek River. The length of the Fiagdon is 74 km. Verkhny Fiagdon and Dzuarikau are one of the major villages that lie on Fiagdon River.

Coordinates: 43°12′31″N 44°19′55″E / 43.20861°N 44.33194°E / 43.20861; 44.33194