Fiat 242

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Fiat 242
Fiat 242 1.jpg
Fiat 242
Manufacturer Fiat
Also called Citroën C35
Production 1974–1987 (Fiat)
1987–1992 (Chausson)
Body and chassis
Class Van (M)
Layout FF layout
Predecessor Fiat 238
Successor Fiat Ducato

Fiat 242 was a van which was produced by Fiat from 1974. This van was the result of a cooperation with Citroën and was sold under the name Citroën C35 in France. Both vehicles were produced in Italy till 1987 with Fiat engines, and then in France by Chausson, when Fiat discontinued the 242. Citroën retained the model until 1992. This cooperation was the precursor of Sevel.

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