Fiat 6640A

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Fiat 6640 AMDS, Fiat 6640A, Fiat 6640G (depending on the year)
Fiat 6640 AMDS Vigili del Fuoco, vista anteriore sinistra 2.jpg
Manufacturer Fiat Veicoli Industriali, later Iveco
Assembly  Italy
Body and chassis
Class Amphibious utility vehicle
Layout front-engine RWD / 4×4
Engine inline 6 diesel, 5499 cc, 195 hp
Transmission 5x2 forward speeds ;PTO propellor drive
Length 862 cm
Width 250 cm
Height 305 cm
Curb weight 6,450 kg

The Fiat 6640A is an Italian wheeled amphibious armoured vehicle produced from the early 50s to the 80s for the Italian government. The 6640A carries a crew of two, protected by 4 mm thick armour, and is powered by a six-cylinder diesel engine providing a top speed of 90 kmh.