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Fiat Turbina

Fiat Turbina was a 1954 concept car built by Italian manufacturer Fiat. It was unusual in using a gas turbine for propulsion.

In 1954 Fiat was the second car manufacturer, after Rover, to introduce a car propelled by a gas turbine. The project took a long period of planning, studies began in 1948 and ended with a track test in 1954 on the rooftop track of the Lingotto factory. The engine had two compressor stages, one turbine stage, power turbine was single stage with a geared reduction. The declared power was 300 hp (220 kW) at 22,000 rpm, and the estimated top speed was approximately 250 km/h (160 mph). The Turbina held the record for lowest drag coefficient on an automobile (0.14) for 30 years.[1]

The concept was shelved due to high fuel usage and problems with overheating.

The Fiat Turbina is today shown in the Automobile Museum of Turin.[2]

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