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This article describes fiber to the premises in the United States.

In the United States, the largest fiber to the premises (FTTP) deployment to date is Verizon's FiOS. Verizon is the only Regional Bell Operating Company thus far to deploy FTTP on a large scale. Verizon's initial FTTP offering was based on broadband passive optical network (BPON) technology. Verizon has already upgraded to Gigabit PON or GPON, a faster optical access technology capable of providing 1Gbit/s speeds to consumers.

By company[edit]

Company Region(s) Notes
Allband Multimedia Curran, Michigan Serves certain rural areas of Alcona, Alpena, and Montmorency counties in Michigan with the first all fiber to the home (FTTH) system in the state of Michigan,[1] however the top speed offered is only 30/10 Mbit/s for residential customers and 30/30 Mbit/s for business customers.[2]
AT&T (formerly SBC) Dallas, Texas
South-Southwest United States
With its U-verse product, AT&T (formerly SBC) had pursued a strategy of Fiber to the Neighborhood (FTTN) and had even delivered Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) prior to the services' launch. Currently, U-verse is deployed as a Fiber to the Hub (FTTH) service; the line connecting the hub to the home is a dual copper pair line.
Burlington Telecom (City of Burlington) Burlington, Vermont Currently serves the residents and businesses in Burlington with a FTTH GPON network providing IPTV, phone, internet, MAN and colocation services.
CDE Lightband Clarksville, Tennessee Currently offering gig services to both residential and business customers in the city of Clarksville. The system has over 1000 miles of FTTP plant with an active ethernet deployment.
Cedar Falls Utilities Cedar Falls, Iowa Actively building FTTP network throughout the entire community, with the goal to completely replace their HFC plant by the end of 2012.[3]
Centurylink Omaha, NE Las Vegas, NV Wake Forest, NC Centurylink currently is deploying fiber to replace copper in two Prism TV markets, offering TV, and Internet at 1 Gbit/s[4]
Cincinnati Bell Cincinnati, Ohio Cincinnati Bell currently offers access to their fiber network dubbed Fioptics and offers TV, Internet, and phone service. Internet speeds are offered as high as 100 Mbit/s.[5]
Comporium Rock Hill, South Carolina (& Summerville, South Carolina through an affiliate) "Named Zipstream, the service will provide internet speeds of 1,000 megabits per second – or one gigabit per second – to downtown Rock Hill by this summer, and will be offered to new businesses and residents of the Bleachery area as it is developed."[6]
Connexion Technologies (formerly Capitol Infrastructure) Various Currently serves over 100 communities with FTTH services that include phone, internet, television and home security.
EATEL Ascension Parish, Louisiana Services currently available via their fiber-optic network include telephone, broadband Internet and television, which includes video on demand and regular broadcasts
Consolidated Communications Texas, Pennsylvania, Kansas Offering FTTH in some new communities. Internet (100MBit down / 5MBit up), Phone, and Television.[7]
EATEL Ascension Parish, Louisiana Services currently available via their fiber-optic network include telephone, broadband Internet and television, which includes video on demand and regular broadcasts
ECFiber East Central Vermont Community network, services available via their fiber-optic network include telephone and broadband Internet
EPBfi a branch of EPB, the town electric power utility 600 square miles, 6 counties around Chattanooga, TN and environs First gigabit (1000 Mbit/s) provider in North America; offers phone, TV, etc.,[8]
Fibernet Monticello Monticello, MN City network providing residential and business services including TV, phone, and Internet.
Google Fiber[9] Kansas City, Provo, UT (future) Austin, Texas Offers a free connection for construction, gigabit Internet, and TV[10]
Hawaiian Telcom Hawaii "fiber to the building Internet speeds of up to 500/50 Mbit/s to residential and business customers … The available fiber tiers are 100 Mbit/s ($95), 200 Mbit/s ($200), or 500 Mbit/s ($300)."[11][12]
North Georgia Network (NGN) Georgia, North Carolina "fiber to the building Internet speeds of up to 50d/50u for residential and 10 Gbps for business customers"
LUSFiber Lafayette, LA Municipal owned ftth network. Completed first phase of deployment of FTTH.[13]
Molalla Communications Company Molalla, Oregon Provides FTTP services to nearly half its subscriber base, and Fiber to the node for its remaining areas.
MTCO Central Illinois Provides FTTP in Germantown Hills, Marseilles, Metamora, and Washington, Illinois. Download speeds offered up to 200 Mbit/s.[citation needed]
Paxio Inc. Bay Area, California Offering up to 1 Gbit/s symmetric speeds to homes and businesses in S.F. Bay Area in California.
Peak Internet Colorado Currently offers services in Woodland Park, CO. Peak Internet offers Internet & Telephone services over fiber.
Pend Oreille County PUD Newport, Washington Offering 100 Mbit/s/100 Mbit/s FTTH Service to over 4,000 premises in South Pend Oreille County.
PES Energize Pulaski, Tennessee Provides video, voice and data services through an FTTP network
Qlevr Media Inc. Georgia The first FTTH provider in Georgia offering television, telephone, Internet access, and home security over a single fiber.
SLIC Franklin County, New York Saint Lawrence County, New York Hamilton County, New York Currently building out in these two counties. Selling up to 50Mbit/s,[14] but can provide up to 100Mbit/s[15]
T² Communications Holland, Michigan Delivers phone, television (IPTV) and Internet services, and is actively building its own fiber network.
TSC St. Marys, Ohio Completed deployment of FTTH, a first for the affiliates in Ohio.[16]
TDS Telecommunications Corp. Georgia, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Wisconsin 100 Mbit/s to 300 Mbit/s FTTH in some of the areas where TDS is the ILEC.[17]
US Internet Minneapolis, Minnesota Currently building out FTTP network in parts of Minneapolis.
Veracity Networks Utah Multiple FTTP installations in new or greenfield communities in the west, including a contract with the Utah State Trust Lands Administration for up to 21,000 units in Washington County, Utah.Before being acquired by Veracity, Broadweave's first community, Traverse Mountain, is Located in Lehi, Utah. Available in UTOPIA network areas. Ran on iProvo network before Google Fiber.
Verizon FiOS NY, MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC, IN, FL, TX, WA, OR, CA Regionally Available in listed states - Planned expansion in progress to: ME, VT, NC, SC, WV, OH, MI, WI, IL, ID, NV, AZ
VTel (Vermont Telephone Company) Springfield, Vermont Vtel serves 14 rural Vermont villages, based in Springfield, VT. By year-end 2013 they planned to offer "GigE billion-bits-per-second Internet over fiber to every VTel farm, home, and office, in all of our 14 rural villages"[18]
Windstream Communications Southern U.S. Currently has FTTP available in many greenfield markets throughout the southern states.

Open-access networks[edit]

Network Region(s) Service Providers
Chelan County PUD Chelan County, WA
UTOPIA Utah Beehive Broadband Fibernet InfoWest SumoFiber Veracity Networks Webwave Xmission

Several carriers, municipalities, and planned communities across America are deploying their own fiber networks. Among them is the City of Burlington, Vermont "Burlington Telecom" and Lafayette, Louisiana.

The city of San Francisco, California has released a feasibility study for government and public broadband via fiber optics. This was the result of San Francisco supervisors' vote to adopt a resolution to encourage certain city departments to consider installing FTTP for use primarily in city operations. This then evolved into the fiber feasibility study which also includes "services to businesses and residents." The study estimated build-out costs of $564 million. It has been released as a draft in order for members of the public to provide comment and input.

Service providers using Active FTTP technologies include YRT2 Inc.;[19] PAXIO Inc.;[20] SureWest; iProvo; Grant County, Washington; UTOPIA; CDE Lighband, Clarksville, TN and Broadweave Networks.[21] Service providers using passive optical networks include Verizon (FiOS), AT&T (U-verse), and several greenfield development networks.

There are also two other FTTH providers — iProvo, based in Provo, Utah and UTOPIA, based in Salt Lake County, Utah. These FTTH municipal fiber networks are an open network to many ISPs, including Mstar, Veracity, Xmission, and other service providers who have bought onto the network. The speeds of the network range around 15 Mbit/s for residential use and 30 Mbit/s for business use.

Mstar currently[when?] offers a 50 Mbit/s connection on the UTOPIA network. Additionally, Mstar offers telephone and television services. Mstar is one of the few companies to offer IPTV services.

Hargray Communications—Hilton Head Island, SC—Savannah, GA to Beaufort, SC—offers metro e - symmetrical data (up to 1g over 1g) 50x5

EPB Fiber Optics provides a GPON network that offers fiber to the premise to Chattanooga, TN and some neighboring cities. They offer 1Gig internet service, which is the fastest speed available in the nation, as well as TV and phone service.

Municipal power provider, CDE Lightband in Clarksville, TN launched their 1 Gig service in 2013 via an active FTTP plant. They also offer digital television and phone services.[22]

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