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FibreTech Innovations
Private corporation
Industry Beverage
Headquarters Kingston, Canada
Area served
Key people
Andrew Jung & Matt Wong-Pack (Co-CEOs)
Products Corkup travel mug

FibreTech Innovations Ltd. (also FT Innovations or FTI) is a Canadian private corporation which researches, develops, and manufactures products composed of natural fibres. As of August 2009, its primary product is the Corkup, an environmentally friendly travel mug insulated with cork material which it sells across Canada. FT Innovations was founded in and remains headquartered in Kingston, Ontario, where it also has its primary assembly plant. Its current Co-CEOs are Andrew Jung and Matt Wong-Pack.


FibreTech Innovations was founded in Kingston, Ontario, where it still has its headquarters and main assembly plant for its CorKup mug. Since its foundation, it has expanded its operations from just Ontario to the rest of Canada, and plans to expand into the United States.

Products and services[edit]

Its products are all manufactured using the advantageous qualities of natural fibres. Its Corkup line of travel mugs are insulated with a layer of cork which insulates 40 times better than steel does, but also can hold cold drinks. The cork material is glazed with poly-soy, a natural glaze. The layer of cork allows the mug to absorb shocks from being dropped (similar to corking in baseball). FT Innovations at least partially uses recycled cork from items such as discarded wine toppers.

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