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Fibre Channel logins takes place after a link is operational (AC = active state), using ELS (Extended Link Service) protocol. There are three different types of logins in Fibre Channel technology:

  • Fabric Login (FLOGI) - F_Port login, presence of fabric, requests a unique 24-bit address (FCID/PID), class of service and BB_Credit from the Fabric Login Server;
  • Port Login (PLOGI) - N_Port login, request login to another N_port, before any data exchange between ports;
  • Process Login (PRLI) - establishes communication between two FC-4 layer processes (SCSI), between two different N_Ports

In the Login process different operational parameters are exchanged:

  • FC-PH version support
  • Classes of service supported
  • Frame size
  • Type of ACK supported: single frame, multiple frame
  • Number of buffer credits
  • Addressing
  • Time out values: E D TOV and R A TOV
  • Error recovery policies
  • Number of sequences

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