Fibrillanosema crangonycis

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Microsporidia crangonycis
Fibrillanosema spore.jpg
Sporoblast of
Fibrillanosema crangonycis
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Microsporidia
Genus: Fibrillanosema
Species: F. crangonycis
Binomial name
Fibrillanosema crangonycis
S. Galbreath, J.E. Smith, R.S. Terry, J.J. Becnel & A.M. Dunn

Fibrillanosema crangonycis is a species of fungus in the phylum Microsporidia. This species is morphologically identical to uncharacterized microsporidia from populations of North American amphipods. It is, however, distinct from microsporidia found in European populations of amphipods.[1]


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