Prickly Pears (film)

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Prickly Pears
Fico d'India.jpg
Directed by Steno
Written by Steno
Renato Pozzetto
Enrico Vanzina
Sandro Continenza
Raimondo Vianello
Starring Renato Pozzetto
Aldo Maccione
Gloria Guida
Music by Giancarlo Chiaramello
Cinematography Carlo Carlini
Edited by Raimondo Crociani
Release date
Language Italian

Prickly Pears (Italian: Fico d'India) is a 1981 Italian comedy film directed by Steno.[1]


Lorenzo Millozzi is the mayor of a small town. One night, coming home, he surprises the notorious playboy Ghigo Buccilli who tries to seduce his wife: furious, he threatens the two with a gun, so as to cause a heart attack in Buccilli, who is forced to a total rest, and then to remain at the mayor's house...


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