Fiction (Yuki Kajiura album)

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Studio album by Yuki Kajiura
Released August 6, 2003
Recorded Sound Valley Tokyo
Clinton Studio NewYork New York City
Genre Soundtrack / Pop / Classical
Length 43:13 (U.S. version)
51:44 (Japan version)

Japan Victor Entertainment

United States Pioneer Entertainment (USA)
Producer Yuki Kajiura
Keiichi Nozaki
Yasunori Mori
Yuji Kawaguchi (non-Japanese release)
Nobu Yamamoto
Yuki Kajiura chronology
Fiction II
(2011)Fiction II2011

Fiction is Yuki Kajiura's first solo album, containing remixes of her previous anime work as well as original songs. The Japanese edition features three bonus songs.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Key of the Twilight (.hack//SIGN)
  2. Cynical World
  3. Fake Wings (.hack//SIGN)
  4. Fiction
  5. Vanity
  6. Red Rose [1]
  7. Canta per me (Noir)
  8. Zodiacal Sign (Aquarian Age)
  9. Awaking (Aquarian Age)
  10. Open Your Heart (.hack//SIGN)
  11. Winter
  12. Salva Nos (Noir)
  13. Lullaby [1] (Noir)
  14. Echo [1]



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