Fiction Man

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Fiction Man
Studio album by Robert Pollard
Released 2004
Genre Rock and roll, indie rock
Label Fading Captain Series/Luna
Producer Todd Tobias
Robert Pollard chronology
Motel of Fools (EP)
(2003)Motel of Fools (EP)2003
Fiction Man
From a Compound Eye
(2006)From a Compound Eye2006

Fiction Man is an album by Robert Pollard, released in 2004. The songs recorded for this album were written during the same time as the material for Guided by Voices' 2003 release Earthquake Glue. Producer Todd Tobias plays almost every instrument on the album.[1] This album marks a producing relationship between Pollard and Todd Tobias that would continue with Robert's future solo albums, including From a Compound Eye, Normal Happiness and others.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Run Son Run"
  2. "I Expect a Kill"
  3. "Sea of Dead"
  4. "Children Come On"
  5. "The Louis Armstrong of Rock and Roll"
  6. "Losing Usage"
  7. "Built to Improve"
  8. "Paradise Style"
  9. "Conspiracy of Owls"
  10. "It's Only Natural"
  11. "Trial of Affliction and Light Sleeping"
  12. "Every Word in the World"
  13. "Night of the Golden Underground"
  14. "Their Biggest Win"


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