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A F/A-37 Talon mockup on the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln from the film Stealth

This is a list of fictional aircraft, including fixed wing, rotary wing, and lighter-than-air vehicles. These vehicles are either the subject of a notable work of fiction, or else are important elements of a notable work of fiction. Vehicles in this list are intended to operate in an atmosphere.

Fictional aircraft[edit]


  • X-49 Night Raven, A black,Supersonic flying wing Advanced fighter with a devastating Heavy Laser Cannon, created by Darkness of Enigma. Appears in Ace Combat series.
  • XR-900 Geopelia, A white, Advanced flying wing-Like Combat drone with laser Cannon from Ace Combat, Made by Neucom incorporated
  • ADF-01 FALKEN – a fictitious, thought-controlled superfighter from the Ace Combat series, armed with a devastating Tactical Laser System pod housed underneath the cockpit; developed by the fictional Gründer Industries.[1]
  • . "ADLER attack aircraft- An ADF-01 FALKEN modified for attacking ground targets.
  • ADFX-01 Morgan - The manned predecessor to the ADF-01 FALKEN, it is a forward-swept wing aircraft armed with experimental weaponry such as an external Tactical Laser System pod mounted on top of the engines and Multi-Purpose Burst Missiles.
  • AT-99 Scorpion – ducted-fan twin-rotor AH-64 Apache-like gunship – The film Avatar[2]
  • AV-14 Attack VTOL – A UNSC airborne attack vehicle, also Known as the Hornet – from the video game series Halo[3]
  • B-3 – Appears in the film Broken Arrow (1996)[4]
  • BV-38 Flying Wing – As seen in Raiders of the Lost Ark – Twin prop, bent wings. Inspired by a range of WW2 era German flying wing aircraft projects.[5][6]
  • C-21 Dragon – VTOL four-post ducted-fan VTOL assault gunship and transport – The film Avatar[7]
  • C709 Longsword-class Interceptor – the UNSC main fighter-bomber in the Halo game series.[8]
  • CFA-44 Nosferatu of the Ace Combat series, this was Estovakia's most advanced plane, with a delta wing, thrust vectoring nozzles, and experimental weaponry, but low stability, and was shot down by Emmerian ace Talisman (Garuda 1)[9]
  • Dropship 79-Troop Carrier – Also known as the Pelican, is an extremely versatile craft used by the UNSC, mainly for the transportation, insertion and pickup of personnel, vehicles and equipment. Occasionally used as a support gunship in the Halo franchise[10][11]
  • EB-52 Megafortress - heavily modified B-52 bomber featured in several Patrick McLanahan novels by Dale Brown[12]
  • F-19 Ghostrider – stealth jet in Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising, & Testors kit[13]
  • F-117X Remora – Is an experimental F-117 variant used in the film Executive Decision. It’s modified to transport personnel with an in-flight docking probe designed to dock with other aircraft in midair. Originally designed to relieve fatigued bombers crews at altitude, this aircraft was used to transport a special operations unit to board a commercial airline which had been highjacked by terrorists.[citation needed]
  • F/A-37 Talon – near-future, single-seat, hypersonic mach-4 Navy fighter, with variable forward wing sweep. Operational test-stage – Stealth[14]
  • Fenrir of the Ace Combat Series, the superfighter of the Leasath military, equipped with an experimental cloaking device and a microwave radiation weapon[15]
  • F-41 Exoatmospheric Multirole Strike Fighter – A UNSC space based fighter aircraft, also known as the Broadsword. It is also capable of operating in atmosphere. From the video game series Halo[16]
  • Gilbert XF-120 – X-jet (camouflaged XB-51) – Toward the Unknown, 1956[17]
  • Manta Fighter – single-place 1939 twin-prop, with a delta tail & straight wings near the aft, in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow[18]
  • MiG-28 in the film Top Gun, is portrayed by a US Navy F-5E in Soviet markings[19]
Full-scale MiG-31 Firefox model used in the film Firefox parked at Van Nuys Airport, California in May 1982
  • MiG-31 Firefoxhypersonic fighter using thought control – films & novels Firefox and Firefox Down. Its designation is shared with the real MiG-31 Foxhound.[20]
  • MiG-37 Ferret-E – stealth fighter, Testors kit[21]
  • R-101/102/103 Delphinus: of the Ace Combat series, mind-controlled supersonic and one of the most advanced aircraft in the Ace Combat world serving Neucom Inc.[22]
  • SA-2 Samson – ducted-fan twin-rotor utility assault transport – The film Avatar[23]
  • Spectrum Angel Interceptor – hybrid twin turbojet/single ramjet high performance fighter, from Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.[24][25]
  • Spectrum Passenger Jet (SPJ) – twin turbojet personnel transport, from Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons[26]
  • Stingray Deluxe – Pre-War nuclear powered military aircraft in Fallout 4 – One downed craft is just south of the in game “Nordhagen Beach” and another one just outside the exit of Arc-Jet Systems – Was planned to be a private jet but eventually was integrated into the military – A lot were downed during the war of 2077
  • Su-38 Slamhound – The Russian Spetsnaz Guard Brigade main support fighter in EndWar[27]
  • UH-144 Falcon – A troop transport used by the UNSC defense force in the Halo franchise.[28]
  • V-22 Osprey (fictionalized): In the movie Resident Evil: Afterlife the main flight vehicle used by the Umbrella Corporation is a highly modified V-22 Osprey.[29]
  • Valkyrie Assault Carrier - Is a VTOL Aircraft used by the Imperial Guard in the tabletop wargame Warhammer 40,000 and associate media. It is a multirole transport gunship that ferries airborne troops and provides heavy support to these units. In the game it is considered one of the most versatile and durable flyers available (being one of the only 2 aircraft with an armour value of 12 on any side). Its model is one of the largest plastic kits released by Games Workshop and is the largest plastic aircraft released to date (there are several resin models available on Forge World that dwarf the Valkyrie model). It has several variants specialised for roles such as tank hunting, vehicle transport and aerial supremacy.
  • Vanship - A two-person airship from the anime Last Exile. They have a distinctive look with short wings as they only steer the craft, as lift is provided Claudia crystals dissolved in water that is heated and pressurized for flight. Known to have unarmed civilian uses and uses as armed military craft, they can also come in one- and two-engine variants as evidenced by a single or double long heat-exchanger at the bottom-rear of the craft.
  • VB-02 VertibirdVTOL tiltrotor aircraft in the Fallout game series. At least two variants exist: a larger transport version that appears in Fallout 2 and a smaller, more compact gunship version armed with a rapid-firing laser weapon, unguided air-to-ground rockets and even small-yield tactical nuclear weapons, appearing in Fallout 3. The gunship variant is implied to be nuclear-powered yet still has enough internal space to carry a squad of soldiers in powered armor. Originally scheduled to be fielded in 2085, a nuclear war in 2077 stopped the project in the prototype stage until the Enclave finished and mass-produced the craft somewhere before 2241.[citation needed]
  • VF-0 Phoenix – from the Macross Zero anime science fiction series.[30]
  • Vic Viper – The main and protagonist jet fighter in video game Gradius. It is a high-performance jet fighter, capable of variable attacks.[31]
  • Willis JA-3 – rocket/jet 1400 mph X-plane – Chain Lightning 1950, with Humphrey Bogart[32]
  • X-02 Wyvern, of the Ace Combat series and is the most advanced plane in Erusea's military.[33]
  • XA-20 Razorback – The United States Joint Strike Force main support fighter in EndWar. Also appears in HAWX as a reward for completing the game (or as a download with a UPlay account), revealing it to have stealth capabilities.[34]
  • Yak-12 – Soviet jet (painted T-33) – Jet Pilot w/ John Wayne, 1957 – The Yakovlev Yak-12 does exist, but is a light piston-engine multi-role STOL aircraft.[17]

Special operations[edit]




  • UCAV EDIExtreme Deep Invader – armed, quantum circuitry, hypersonic V/STOL mach-4 Navy test Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle, or UCAV – Callsign is Tinman – seen in Stealth 2005[76]

Aircraft carriers[edit]

Airborne aircraft carriers[edit]

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