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A F/A-37 Talon mockup on the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln from the film Stealth

This is a list of fictional aircraft, including fixed wing, rotary wing, and lighter-than-air vehicles. These vehicles are either the subject of a notable work of fiction, or else are important elements of a notable work of fiction. Vehicles in this list are intended to operate in an atmosphere.

Fictional aircraft[edit]


  • ADF-01 FALKEN – a fictitious, thought-controlled superfighter from the Ace Combat series, armed with a Tactical Laser System pod housed underneath the cockpit; developed by the fictional Gründer Industries.[1]
  • Angel Interceptor – was a carrier based jet fighter from the 1967 TV series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. The aircraft operate from an airborne aircraft carrier named Cloudbase. The craft is based on the World Air Force Viper, powered by twin turbo-jet compressors feeding a single ramjet. It is armed with a nose cannon, and rockets.[2]
  • AT-99 Scorpion – is a VTOL gunship which uses twin ducted-rotors for lift, it has a crew of one. The aircraft appeared in the 2009 film Avatar[3]
  • AV-14 Attack VTOL – is a UNSC airborne attack vehicle, also Known as the Hornet and is from the Halo video game series[4]
  • A/V-32 Pegasus - is a fictional jumpjet operated by the US Marine Corps in the Jim DeFelice novel Havana Strike.[5]
  • B-3 – is a fictional derivative of the B-2 Stealth Bomber and was featured in the 1996 film Broken Arrow[6]
  • BV-38 Flying Wing – was a twin prop, bent winged transport, which appeared in the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark[7][8]
  • C-21 Dragon – was a VTOL four-post ducted-fan transport, and gunship which appeared in the film Avatar[9]
  • C709 Longsword-class Interceptor – was a UNSC main fighter-bomber in the Halo game series.[10]
  • CFA-44 Nosferatu – is from the Ace Combat series, this was Estovakia's most advanced plane, with a delta wing, thrust vectoring nozzles, and experimental weaponry, but was shot down by Emmerian ace Talisman (Garuda 1)[11]
  • Dropship 79 – Also known as the Pelican, is an extremely versatile craft used by the UNSC, mainly for the transportation, insertion and pickup of personnel, vehicles and equipment. Occasionally used as a support gunship in the Halo video game franchise [12][13]
  • EB-52 Megafortress – The Megafortress first appears in Dale Brown's novel Flight of the Old Dog and is expanded and upgraded in his later books. It has all the latest weapon systems, bombs, and missile. The design contains a long SST nose, with a stealth shape, and twin V-tails. The eight engines are replaced by four larger turbofans further down the line.[14]
  • EB-1C Vampire – first appearing in Dale Brown's novel Battle Born, the EB-1C is an advanced variant of the B-1 bomber. It differs from the real B-1 in that its wings are always swept all the way back, the tail is smaller and lacks the horizontal stabilizer, and it utilizes "Mission Adaptive Skin" that works off of micro-hydraulics to affect the shape of the it’s wings in-flight.[15]
  • F-19 Ghostrider – Was based on the HAVE BLUE project of the 1970s. Testors model maker released a conceptual model airplane in 1986, and Monogram followed with its own version in 1987. Earning massive media attention, the design became the shape of the mysterious "Stealth Fighter" in the public eye until the F-117 Nighthawk was unveiled in 1990. As it turned out, the sleek and low-profile design looked nothing like the highly angular, faceted F-117 it was meant to portray.[16][17]
  • F-41 – Is a UNSC exoatmospheric multirole strike fighter, also known as the Broadsword. It is also capable of operating within the atmosphere. This craft comes from the video game series Halo[18]
  • F-22V Velociraptor - is a delta-winged version of the F-22 Raptor featured in the Jim DeFelice novel Cyclops One.[19]
  • F-117X Remora – Is an experimental F-117 variant used in the film Executive Decision. It's modified to transport personnel with an in-flight docking probe designed to dock with other aircraft in midair. Originally designed to relieve fatigued bombers crews at altitude, this aircraft was used to transport a special operations unit to board a commercial airline which had been highjacked by terrorists.[citation needed]
  • F/A-37 Talon – is a single-seat fighter attack aircraft of the U.S. Navy, which appeared in the 2005 film Stealth. It's capable of Mach 3.5, super cruise and has a range of 4,000 miles. It is also accompanied by an AI-operated UAV which assists in targeting and ISR for the Talon.[20][21]
  • F-302 - Is a faster-than-light capable space worthy fighter-interceptor featured in Stargate SG-1, and Stargate Atlantis.[22]
  • Fenrir – Is an aircraft from the Ace Combat Series. The superfighter of the Leasath military, is equipped with an experimental cloaking device and a microwave radiation weapon[23]
  • Firehawk - is a VTOL multi-role fighter jet that appears in Command & Conquer 3. The craft is a seats two, forward-swept wings design with rear-swept winglets and canards. It can be refitted with special boosters that enable them to go sub-orbital, becoming impervious to anti-aircraft fire [24]
  • Gilbert XF-120 – is a factious X-jet portrayed by an XB-51 in camouflage from the 1956 film Toward the Unknown.[25]
  • Manta Fighter – is a single-place 1939 twin-prop design, with a delta tail & straight wings near the aft, from the 2004 film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow[26]
  • MiG-28 Is a fictional aircraft flown by the antagonist in the 1986 film Top Gun . The real aircraft used to portray the MiG-28 was a Northrop F-5 [27]
Full-scale MiG-31 Firefox model used in the film Firefox parked at Van Nuys Airport, California in May 1982
  • MiG-31 Firefox – was a fictional aircraft that appeared in Craig Thomas' novels Firefox and Firefox Down, as well as the 1982 film by the same name starring Clint Eastwood . The aircraft was portrayed as a Soviet interceptor with stealth capabilities, and had a thought-controlled weapons system.[28] Its designation is shared with the real MiG-31 Foxhound.[29]
  • MiG-37 Ferret – was a fictional Soviet stealth model aircraft produced by the Testors Model Company, and was a counter to the American F-19. The craft combined a faceted airframe design with cooled exhausts, and radar-absorbing skin. Purely conjectural, the design nonetheless turned out to be closer in shape to the actual F-117 Nighthawk [30]
  • R-101/102/103 Delphinus – also from the Ace Combat series, is a mind-controlled supersonic advanced aircraft in the Ace Combat world serving Neucom Inc.[31]
  • SA-2 Samson – Is a ducted-fan twin-rotor utility assault transport from the film Avatar[32]
  • Savoia S.21 – is a fictional seaplane fighter that appears in the anime film Porco Rosso, directed by Hayao Miyazaki. While the plane depicted in the film never existed, Savoia was an actual Italian aircraft maker [33]
  • Stingray Deluxe –a Pre-War nuclear powered aircraft in Fallout 4 – One downed craft is just south of the in game “Nordhagen Beach” and another one just outside the exit of Arc-Jet Systems – Was planned to be a private jet but eventually was integrated into the military – A lot were downed during the war of 2077
  • Su-38 Slamhound –is a Russian Spetsnaz Guard Brigade support fighter in EndWar[34]
  • Tiltrotor craft – is a stealth VTOL vehicle used by the Antagonist's in the sci-fi film Resident Evil: Afterlife. The craft has similarities to the real life V-22 Osprey.[35]
  • UD4L Cheyenne – is a dropship from the 1986 film Aliens. The craft was attached to the U.S.S. Sulaco and was used to ferry troops and equipment down to colonized planet of LV-426[36]
  • UH-144 Falcon – is a troop transport used by the UNSC defense force in the Halo franchise.[37]
  • VB-02 VertibirdVTOL tiltrotor aircraft in the Fallout game series. At least two variants exist: a larger transport version that appears in Fallout 2 and a smaller, more compact gunship version armed with a rapid-firing laser weapon, unguided air-to-ground rockets and even small-yield tactical nuclear weapons, appearing in Fallout 3. The gunship variant is implied to be nuclear-powered yet still has enough internal space to carry a squad of soldiers in powered armor. Originally scheduled to be fielded in 2085, a nuclear war in 2077 stopped the project in the prototype stage until the Enclave finished and mass-produced the craft somewhere before 2241.[citation needed]
  • VF-0 Phoenix – is from the Macross Zero anime sci-fi series.[38]
  • Vic Viper – is the protagonist jet fighter in the video game Gradius. It is a high-performance jet fighter, capable of variable attacks.[39]
  • Willis JA-3 – was a rocket/jet 1400 mph X-plane from the 1950 film Chain Lightning, with Humphrey Bogart[40]
  • X-02 Wyvern – is from the Ace Combat series and is an advanced plane in Erusea's military.[41]
  • XA-20 Razorback –is from the United States Joint Strike Force main support fighter in EndWar. Also appears in HAWX as a reward for completing the game, revealing it to have stealth capabilities.[42]
  • XP-14F Skystriker - the primary air-superiority fighter used by G.I. Joe in the comics and animated series in the early 1980s, sold as a toy from 1983-86. It closely resembles the real-life U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcat.[43]
  • Yak-12 – is a fictional Soviet jet aircraft featured in the film Jet Pilot starring John Wayne. A Lockheed T-33 was used to portray fictitious plane. The designation does exist in the form of the Yakovlev Yak-12 a utility airplane from the Soviet Union[25]

Special operations[edit]

  • Aerowing – was an aircraft built by Lex Luthor with two fuselages, six engines and undernose guns and flown in 1928 (sic) from mid-Atlantic to the Amazon rainforest in the DC Comics book Elseworld's Finest #2[44]
  • Airwolf – was an attack helicopter from the 1984 TV series by the same name. It was capable of supersonic flight, and carried retractable weapons. The helicopter used was a modified Bell 222.[45]
  • Albatross – appears in Gerry Anderson’s TV series New Captain Scarlet[46]
  • AmphibiCopter – was a 21st century submersible two-seater aircraft which appeared in the 2001 film AI: Artificial Intelligence[47]
  • Batcopter - was a modified Bell 47G-3 which made an appearance in the 1966 film Batman[48]
  • Batwing – this iconic aircraft was used in the 1989 film Batman starring Michael Keaton[49]
  • Blue Thunder – was fictional police helicopter from the film and television series of the same name. The aircraft incorporated an optically tracked gatling gun, a whisper mode for quiet flight, surveillance equipment and an infrared camera. The helicopter used in the film was a modified Aérospatiale Gazelle.[50]
  • Bubble ship – was an aircraft that resembled a dragon fly combined with the canopy of a Bell 47 helicopter. The machine features rotating VTOL engines and a cockpit that swivels along with the upper and lower guns fixed to it. The craft was flown by Tom Cruise’s character “Jack Harper”, in the sci-fi film Oblivion[51]
  • Cobra F.A.N.G. - is a short range one man light-attack gyrocopter, equipped with air-to-air heat-seeking rockets. This craft appeared in the comics and the first season of the G.I. Joe animated series, as well in the 1985 computer game.[52]
  • Flying Sub FS-1 – Introduced in the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea TV series, this hybrid submersible is capable of flight, as well as conducting underwater operations. The design resembles that of a Stingray fish, with twin tail fins on the back, and has room for a crew of two.[53]
  • Ornithopter – is a flapping-wing craft featured in the novel Dune by Frank Herbert and in the 1984 film by the same name[54][55]
  • Snowspeeder – Is a military variant of the T-24 airspeeder, and is adapted for the cold climates. The craft appeared in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back[56]
  • Invisible plane – Is from the Wonder Woman comic books, and TV series[57]
  • Quinjet – is a craft featured in the Avengers comic books and films. It is a multi-role jet aircraft used by S.H.I.E.L.D, with VTOL capabilities and has a titled cockpit to provide the pilots with better visibility during landings.[58]
  • Spider's Wing – was a flying wing aircraft used by the leader of the Spider Gang to terrorize the citizens in the Dick Tracy comics.[59]
  • Thunderbird 2 – From Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds this vehicles was bulbous VTOL cargo carrier that came equipped with a variety of service modules[60]
  • X-Jet Blackbird – featured the X-Men films, this was a modified SR-71 with forward swept wings, and VTOL capable. The craft was roomy enough to carry a dozen personal.[61]
  • YF-12A X-Jet Prototype – was the predecessor to the X-Jet and the SR-71 Blackbird, the aircraft was designed and flown by Hank McCoy aka Beast. The prototype incorporates VTOL capabilities and an internal cargo hold for personal. The plane appeared in the 2011 film X-Men: First Class[62]




  • UCAV EDI - Featured in the film Stealth, the EDI (Extreme Deep Invader) UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) was developed as an assistant to the FA-37 Talon. The craft, has an artificial intelligence system that allows it to operate without a human pilot. The sensors can identify a human target by fingerprints, voice print or facial recognition. It has V/STOL capabilities and Its pulse-detonation engines featured twin hybrid scramjet turbos fueled by catalyzed A1 methane.[84]

Aircraft carriers[edit]

Airborne aircraft carriers[edit]

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