Fiddler's Reach Fog Signal

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Fiddler's Reach Fog Signal
Fiddlers Reach Maine Sound Signal.JPG
Restored, in August 2009, lacking bell to hang from projecting beam
Fiddler's Reach Fog Signal is located in Maine
Fiddler's Reach Fog Signal
Location N. shore of Kennebec River, E. of Doubling Point Light Station, Arrowsic, Maine
Coordinates 43°52′53.8″N 69°47′57.5″W / 43.881611°N 69.799306°W / 43.881611; -69.799306Coordinates: 43°52′53.8″N 69°47′57.5″W / 43.881611°N 69.799306°W / 43.881611; -69.799306
Area 0.13 acres (0.053 ha)[2]
NRHP Reference # 09000594[1]
Added to NRHP August 5, 2009[1]

The Fiddler's Reach Fog Signal is a fog signal station located on the Kennebec River in Arrowsic, Maine, in Sagadahoc County. It is about 1,100 feet (340 m) SW of the front light of the Doubling Point Range Lights, and about 2,000 feet (610 m) east of Doubling Point Light. The pyramidal bell structure was built in 1914, two years after a large steamship, the Ransom B. Fuller, ran aground in the fog on this section of the river.[3]


The signal was rung to assist ships navigating the treacherous S-bend section of the river known as Fiddler Reach. It was a bell from 1914 until the late sixties and then a horn until it was discontinued in 1982. The signal, while not part of the Kennebec River Light Station, was tended by its station keeper. He reached it along a footpath that included a boardwalk and two wooden bridges. While it was a bell, it was rung by means of a clockwork counter weight system that had to be rewound every 4 hours. Bell signals were distinguished by the number of strokes and length of time between them. This signal was two strokes every twenty seconds.[2]

The structure eventually fell into disrepair. The original bell was removed by the Coast Guard in 1972 and is now displayed on the campus of the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut.[4]

It was restored by volunteer effort of the "Range Light Keepers", a self-described "group of interested local Maine citizens and visitors".[5]

A replacement bell has been obtained and kept at the Arrowsic Town Hall.[4]

The property was added to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) on August 5, 2009 and the listing was announced as the featured listing in the National Park Service's weekly list of August 14, 2009.[6]

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The fog signal (left) was tended by the keepers of the Doubling Point Range Lights a short distance downriver. The keeper's house is in the center and the front range light is to the right. 


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