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Screenshot of Fiddler monitoring communication between a local computer and Wikipedia
Screenshot of Fiddler monitoring communication between a local computer and Wikipedia
Original author(s)Eric Lawrence[1]
Initial release6 October 2003; 16 years ago (2003-10-06)[2]
Stable release
5.0.20194 / 3 October 2019; 4 months ago (2019-10-03)[3]
Operating systemWindows XP and later, macOS (Beta), Linux (Beta)[4]
Platform.NET Framework 4.x[4]
Size3 MB
TypePacket analyzer[5]

Fiddler is an HTTP debugging proxy server application originally written by Eric Lawrence, formerly a program manager on the Internet Explorer development team at Microsoft.[1]


Fiddler captures HTTP and HTTPS traffic and logs it for the user to review. The logging is performed by implementing man-in-the-middle interception using self-signed certificates.[7]


On 6 October 2003, Eric Lawrence released the first official version of Fiddler.[2]

On 12 September 2012, Fiddler was acquired by Telerik and the original author joined the company to work on Fiddler on a full-time basis.[8]

On 22 December 2015, Eric Lawrence announced[9] he was leaving Telerik and the Fiddler project.

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