Fiddlers Three (play)

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Fiddlers Three
Written by Agatha Christie
Date premiered 1 August 1972
Original language English

Fiddlers Three is a play written by Agatha Christie in 1972. The play was first written and performed as Fiddlers Five, which toured briefly in 1971 after opening in Bristol.[1] The revised version toured in the provinces for several weeks after its premiere at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre on 1 August 1972,[2] but failed to meet with success.

Christie pushed for the play to be performed, much against the wishes of her daughter, Rosalind Hicks, who was protective of her mother's reputation and felt that this production would damage it.[1] The revised version of the play incorporated several suggestions from its director, Allan Davis, who had seen the previous 1971 version.[3]

The play was never transferred to the West End and remains unpublished.

Director: Allan Davis

Doris Hare
Raymond Francis
Arthur Howard
Mark Wing-Davey
Gábor Baraker
Julia Vidler


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