Fiefdom of Angels: Side One

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Fiefdom of Angels: Side One
Fiefdom of Angels-Side One Artwork.jpg
EP by Kevin Max
Released February 27, 2012
Recorded 2011 - 2012
Genre Avant Garde/Orchestral
Length 24:04
Label Blind Thief Recordings
Producer Kevin Max, Peter Fox

Fiefdom of Angels: Side One is an EP by Kevin Max, released February 27, 2012, on the iTunes Store. Three of the five tracks are covers of well-known 1980s rock songs, with one Kevin Max original and a Muse cover. Side One, along with the upcoming Side Two, was designed as companion to Max's novel and graphic novel Fiefdom of Angels, depicting the origin of angels before the creation of Earth. The covers were handpicked to coincide with characters from the story, while the sole original, "End of the Beginning", is a recycled B-side demo track from Max's Stereotype Be days.

Track listing[edit]

1. "Send Me an Angel" (Real Life Cover) -5:31

2. "End of the Beginning" -5:47

3. "Shadow Play" (Joy Division cover) -4:42

4. "Dragon Attack" (Queen cover) -4:07

5. "Take A Bow" (Muse cover) -4:13