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Field Records is an independent record label based in the United Kingdom, featuring bands such as Ann Arbor, Karhide, Alright the Captain, Kasper Rosa, LaFaro, Khuda, Public Relations Exercise, Princess, and Maybeshewill.

The label is run by Tim Waterfield.



Split 7" Singles[edit]

  • Field7001 - Ann Arbor/Maybeshewill
  • Field7002 - Princess/Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element
  • Field7003 - LaFaro/Public Relations Exercise
  • Field7004 - Karhide/Viola dub
  • Field7005 - Score One for Safety/Fight Fire With Water
  • Field7006 - Old Basford/Grain
  • Field7007 - You Slut!/Monster Killed By Laser
  • Field7008 - Cats and Cats and Cats/Tired Irie
  • Field7009 - Death Of London/Dobermann
  • Field7010 - Albatross Conspiracy/Tam Rush
  • Field7011 - Atlantis/Karhide
  • Field7012 - Kill Chaos/Actionier

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