Field hockey at the 1908 Summer Olympics

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Men's field hockey
at the 1908 Summer Olympics
Tournament details
Host countryUnited Kingdom
DatesOctober 29 - October 31
Venue(s)White City Stadium
Top three teams
Champions England (1st title)
Runner-up Ireland
Third place Scotland
Tournament statistics
Goals scored36
(next) 1920

At the 1908 Summer Olympics, a field hockey tournament was contested for the first time. Six teams entered the tournament. These included England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany and France. England won the gold medal. Ireland won the silver and Scotland and Wales were awarded bronze medals. All the medals were subsequently credited to Great Britain.[1][2]


United Kingdom Great Britain[edit]


First RoundSemi-finalsFinal
29 October
30 October
29 October
31 October
30 October

First round[edit]

29 October 1908
England  10–1  France
Green (1)
Pridmore (3)
Shoveller (3)
Logan (2)
Rees (1)
(1) Poupon

29 October 1908
Scotland  4–0  Germany
Burt (2)
Laing (1)
Walker (1)


There were no playoffs for third place, so the losers of the semi-finals received bronze medals.

30 October 1908
Scotland  1–6  England
Walker (1) (3) Pridmore
(2) Shoveller
(1) Logan

30 October 1908
Ireland  3–1  Wales
Robinson (1)
Gregg (1)
Power (1)
(1) Williams

Extra match[edit]

A match between the two continental teams took place between the semifinals and the final. Both France and Germany had lost in the first round, and thus the extra match could be considered to be a fifth and sixth place playoff match, though the official report makes no mention of that.

30 October 1908
Germany  1–0  France
Möding (1)


The official report ceases its description of the game after England took the lead 5–1, saying only that "by this time England had taken control of the game and won with eight goals to one".[3]

31 October 1908
England  8 – 1  Ireland
Pridmore (4)
Shoveller (2)
Logan (2)
(1) Robinson


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