Field hockey at the 1928 Summer Olympics

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Men's field hockey
at the 1928 Summer Olympics
Field hockey pictogram.svg
Tournament details
Host countryNetherlands
DatesMay 17 - May 26
Venue(s)Olympisch Stadion, Old Stadion
Top three teams
Champions India (1st title)
Runner-up Netherlands
Third place Germany
Tournament statistics
Matches played18
Goals scored69 (3.83 per match)
Top scorer(s)India Dhyan Chand (14 goals)
1920 (previous) (next) 1932

The 1928 Summer Olympics saw the third field Hockey tournament at Olympics. All games took place either in the new Olympisch Stadion or in the nearby Old Stadion. The field hockey tournament was held (together with football) in the first part of this Olympic games. All matches were played between Thursday, May 17 and Saturday, May 26, 1928.

The entry rules allowed one team from each country. And one team was allowed to include 22 players, which means two complete teams. The "Fédération Internationale de Hockey" defined the amateur status as follows: An amateur is one who has never obtained any profit by practising the sport, neither directly or indirectly. If a player or an official accepts from club, association, or federation an amount exceeding what is strictly necessary for travelling and hotel expenses, such an amount will be regarded as profit.

Only a men's competition occurred that year. Nine nations competed, after the retirement of Czechoslovakia.


Division A[edit]






Division B[edit]




The Dutch Hockey team




Division A[edit]

Match of the Indian hockey team
Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification
1  India 4 4 0 0 26 0 +26 8 Gold medal match
2  Belgium 4 3 0 1 8 9 −1 6 Bronze medal match
3  Denmark 4 2 0 2 5 8 −3 4
4   Switzerland 4 1 0 3 2 11 −9 2
5  Austria 4 0 0 4 1 14 −13 0
17 May 1928
Switzerland   1–2  Denmark
(1) Loubert Husted (1)
Holst (1)
L. J. Quarles van Ufford (NED)
M. J. Vandekerckhove (BEL)
17 May 1928
India  6–0  Austria
Chand (3)
Marthins (2)
Shaukat (1)
Ch. Roux (FRA)
F. Schiff (NED)

18 May 1928
Denmark  3–1  Austria
Holst (2)
Heilbuth (1)
(1) Lichteneckert
A. Broese van Croenou (NED)
R. Jassoy (GER)
18 May 1928
India  9–0  Belgium
Seaman (2)
Marthins (1)
Khan (5)
Chand (1)
W. Simon (GER)
T. Evekink (NED)

20 May 1928
Belgium  3–0   Switzerland
Delheid (1)
Diercxsens (1)
Vercken (1)
A. Broese van Croenou (NED)
F. Schiff (NED)
20 May 1928
India  5–0  Denmark
Marthins (1)
Chand (3)
Seaman (1)
R. Jassoy (GER)
J. Daubresse (FRA)

22 May 1928
Belgium  4–0  Austria
Diercxsens (3)
Baudoux (1)
E. W. C. Ricketts (IND)
B. Turnbull (IND)
22 May 1928
India  6–0   Switzerland
Marthins Goal 6'
Chand Goal 26'53'55'65'
Gateley Goal ??'
P. Reinberg (GER)
M. Masip Ubis (ESP)

24 May 1928
Denmark  0–1  Belgium
Seeldrayers Goal 60'
W. Simon (GER)
R. Be-Cavin (SUI)
24 May 1928
Austria  0–1   Switzerland
Fehr Goal ??'
T. Evekink (NED)
P. Regibo (BEL)

Division B[edit]

Match between France and the Netherlands
Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification
1  Netherlands (H) 3 2 1 0 8 2 +6 5 Gold medal match
2  Germany 3 2 0 1 8 3 +5 4 Bronze medal match
3  France 3 1 0 2 2 8 −6 2
4  Spain 3 0 1 2 3 8 −5 1
Source:[citation needed]
(H) Host.
17 May 1928
Netherlands  5–0  France
Van de Rovaart Goal 20'
Tresling Goal 23'
Jannink Goal 35'37'
Van der Veen Goal 65'
Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam

Attendance: 5,500
R. Liégeois (BEL)
E. de Cindric (HUN)
17 May 1928
Germany  5–1  Spain
Hobein Goal 6'?'
Boche Goal 20'
Müller Goal ?'
Haag Goal ?'
E. de Chávarri Goal 40'
Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam

Attendance: 1,300
E. W. C. Ricketts (IND)
P. Regibo (BEL)

19 May 1928
Netherlands  2–1  Germany
Van de Rovaart Goal 20'
Van der Veen Goal 32'
Wöltje Goal 7'
Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam

Attendance: 6,000
R. Liégeois (BEL)
B. Turnbull (IND)
19 May 1928
France  2–1  Spain
Rivière Goal 38'
Grimonprez Goal 70'
B. de Chávarri
Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam

Attendance: 500
C. Terrier (SUI)
C. Ch. Geyl (NED)

22 May 1928
Germany  2–0  France
Müller Goal 10'
Haag Goal 28'
Old Stadium, Amsterdam

Attendance: 300
R. Liégeois (BEL)
E. de Cindric (HUN)

23 May 1928
Netherlands  1–1  Spain
Van der Veen Goal 20' De Roig Goal 63'
Old Stadium, Amsterdam

Attendance: 2,750
P. Regibo (BEL)
R. Be-Cavin (SUI)

Medal round[edit]

Bronze medal match[edit]

26 May 1928
Germany  3–0  Belgium
Haag Goal ?'?'?'
Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam

Attendance: 23,400
B. Turnbull (IND)
W. C. Ricketts (IND)

Gold medal match[edit]

26 May 1928
India  3–0  Netherlands
Chand Goal 15'?'?'
Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam

Attendance: 23,400
w. Simon (GER)
R. Liégeois (BEL)


Final standings[edit]

Rank Team
1st, gold medalist(s)  India
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Netherlands
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  Germany
4  Belgium
5  Denmark
7   Switzerland
9  Austria


There were 69 goals scored in 18 matches, for an average of 3.83 goals per match.

14 goals

5 goals

4 goals

3 goals

2 goals

1 goal

Medal summary[edit]

Gold Silver Bronze
 India (IND)
Richard Allen
Dhyan Chand
Michael Gateley
William Goodsir-Cullen
Leslie Hammond
Feroze Khan
George Marthins
Rex Norris
Broome Pinniger
Michael Rocque
Frederic Seaman
Ali Shaukat
Jaipal Singh
Sayed Yusuf
Kher Singh Gill
 Netherlands (NED)
Jan Ankerman
Jan Brand
Rein de Waal
Emile Duson
Gerrit Jannink
Adriaan Katte
August Kop
Ab Tresling
Paul van de Rovaart
Robert van der Veen
Haas Visser 't Hooft
C. J. J. Hardebeck
T. F. Hubrecht
G. Leembruggen
H. J. L. Mangelaar Meertens
Otto Muller von Czernicki
W. J. van Citters
C. J. van der Hagen
Tonny van Lierop
J. J. van Tienhoven van den Bogaard
J. M. van Voorst van Beest
N. Wenholt
 Germany (GER)
Bruno Boche
Georg Brunner
Heinz Förstendorf
Erwin Franzkowiak
Werner Freyberg
Theodor Haag
Hans Haußmann
Kurt Haverbeck
Aribert Heymann
Herbert Hobein
Fritz Horn
Karl-Heinz Irmer
Herbert Kemmer
Herbert Müller
Werner Proft
Gerd Strantzen
Rolf Wollner
Heinz Wöltje
Erich Zander
Fritz Lincke
Heinz Schäfer
Kurt Weiß

Note: The players above the line played at least one game in this tournament, the players below the line were probably only squad members. Nevertheless, the International Olympic Committee medal database exclusively credits them all as medalists. If or why they could have received medals is uncertain. However the National Olympic Committee of the Netherlands did not even show the Dutch players as competitors.


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Coordinates: 52°20′41″N 4°51′33″E / 52.3448°N 4.8591°E / 52.3448; 4.8591