Field of Glass

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Field Of Glass
Field of Glass.jpg
EP by The Triffids
Released February, 1985
Recorded BBC Studio 5, Maida Vale, London
November 6, 1984
Genre Rock / Folk rock
Label Hot Records
Producer Mark Radcliffe
The Triffids chronology
Lawson Square Infirmary
Field Of Glass
Peel Sessions

Field Of Glass by The Triffids was released as a 12" extended play in 1985.[1] All three tracks were generally recorded live at BBC Studio 5, Maida Vale, London. The EP was produced by Mark Radcliffe,[1] engineered by Mike Robinson, engineered by Owen Davies and remixed by Nick Cook at Townhouse 3.[2]

The first two songs, "Bright Lights, Big City" and "Monkey On My Back", deal directly with David McComb’s drug abuse[citation needed] and are infused with bitterness and desperation. The song which gave its name to the EP tells the tale of a loner who has some unrequited love issues with a rich girl who’s just finished school. He pleads with her to ride with him on a baking hot summer's night and she goes along. Driven mad by the intolerable heat and by her rejection he murders her. This song was originally two songs - "Field of Glass" and "Pleasure Slide".

McComb later said, "When we got to London I think we sort of felt we had to make a kind of statement. We recorded the Field of Glass EP just when we got there, which is still I guess the most aggressive and violent record that we had done. It gave us heaps of confidence."[3]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by David McComb.[4]

  1. "Bright Lights, Big City"
  2. "Monkey on My Back"
  3. "Field of Glass"


The Triffids[edit]

Credited to:[1]


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