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Fieldrunners art.png
Developer(s) Subatomic Studios
I-play (Mobile)
Publisher(s) Subatomic Studios
Hands-On Mobile (Mobile)
Platform(s) iOS
Nintendo DSi (DSiWare)
PlayStation Portable
PlayStation 3
mobile phone
Gametree TV
Chrome Web Store
PC, macOS, Linux,[1]
Release iOS
5 October 2008
1 July 2011
24 May 2012
Chrome Web Store
25 October 2011
Nintendo DSi
  • NA: 8 February 2010
  • PAL: 11 June 2010
Removed: 22 November 2016[2]
  • WW: 1 October 2009
  • WW: 17 December 2009
Mobile phone
23 December 2009
Genre(s) Tower defense
Mode(s) Single-player

Fieldrunners is a tower defense video game developed for several platforms. Originally released on 1 October 2008 as an exclusive iOS title, the game was later ported to Nintendo DSi, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and mobile phones. It was released on the Android platform in July 2011, on the Amazon Appstore and Android Market. On 25 October 2011, it was ported to HTML5 by Gradient Studios and Bocoup[3] and released on the Chrome Web Store with the first level, Grasslands, playable for free. It is the first release of developer Subatomic Studios.


Unlike in other tower defense games, turrets can be placed anywhere and the enemies will go around them, forcing them to walk along any path the player makes. It is not possible to block the path however. Fieldrunners offers three types of gameplay: Classic, Extended and Endless. Playing in Classic and Extended modes limits the number of rounds in which the player must defend to 100. Classic only lets players build the original four towers, Gatling, Goo, Missile, and Tesla (except Skyway which substitutes Laser for Tesla and Frostbite which substitutes Ice for Goo). Extended mode adds the two new towers, Flame Tower and Mortar Tower (except Skyway which adds Tesla instead of Mortar). In Endless mode, the player may defend indefinitely. In any mode, the player may play in Easy, Medium, or Hard mode.


In Fieldrunners, there were initially three maps from which a player could choose: Grasslands, Crossroads, and Drylands. Grasslands is an open field in which enemies cross the screen from left to right, while Crossroads is set indoors where the player must also defend enemies going from top to the bottom of the screen. Drylands has three entry points, top to bottom, and one each at the top and bottom of the screen going left to right. Two additional maps have been added: Frostbite and Skyway. Frostbite has four entry points for soldiers. Skyway is similar to Grasslands, with the exception of the former having obstacles already in the map. A recent update provided three new maps: Crystal Caves, MudSlide, and LavaFlow, along with the Shotgun Tower, Plasma Tower, and Lava Tower.


Fieldrunners has received generally positive reviews, with the PSP version scoring 81% at the review aggregate website Metacritic.[4] IGN gave the game an eight out of ten rating, and highly recommended it.[5] Select Start Media was highly critical of the PC port, however expressed enjoyment of the mobile releases.

Of the iPhone version, Stuart Dredge of Pocket Gamer noted its "clever controls and cartoony visuals", calling it "the best Tower Defense game on iPhone so far".[6]

The PSP version of Fieldrunners scored a high 81/100 on Metacritic.[7] Reviews for the iPad Fieldrunners HD version have been positive.[8]

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