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Fields of Science and Technology (FOS) is a compulsory classification for statistics of branches of scholarly and technical fields, published by the OECD in 2002. It was created out of the need to interchange data of research facilities, research results etc. It was revised in 2007 under the name Revised Fields of Science and Technology.[1]


  1. Natural sciences
    1. Mathematics
    2. Computer and information sciences
    3. Physical sciences
    4. Chemical sciences
    5. Earth and related environmental sciences
    6. Biological sciences
    7. Other natural sciences
  2. Engineering and Technology
    1. Civil engineering
    2. Electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering
    3. Mechanical engineering
    4. Chemical engineering
    5. Materials engineering
    6. Medical engineering
    7. Environmental engineering
    8. Environmental biotechnology
    9. Industrial biotechnology
    10. Nano technology
  3. Medical and Health sciences
    1. Basic medicine
    2. Clinical medicine
    3. Health sciences
    4. Health biotechnology
    5. Other medical sciences
  4. Agricultural sciences
    1. Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries
    2. Animal and dairy science
    3. Veterinary science
    4. Agricultural biotechnology
    5. Other agricultural sciences
  5. Social sciences
    1. Psychology
    2. Economics and business
    3. Educational sciences
    4. Sociology
    5. Law
    6. Political science
    7. Social and economic geography
    8. Media and communications
    9. Other social sciences
  6. Humanities
    1. History and archaeology
    2. Languages and literature
    3. Philosophy, ethics and religion
    4. Arts (arts, history of arts, performing arts, music)
    5. Other humanities

See also[edit]

  • Wissenschaftepistemological concept in which serious scholarly works of history, literature, art, and religion are similar to natural sciences


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