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Studio album by Phideaux Xavier
Released 2003
Recorded NYC & LA
Genre Progressive rock
Psychedelic rock
Length 44:58
Label Bloodfish Music
Producer Mark Kramer on Tracks 1-10; Gabriel Moffat on Track 11
Phideaux Xavier chronology
Ghost Story
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Duke Egbert, The Daily Vault (not rated) link

Fiendish is the first album (previous album Friction isn't considered official by the band) released by composer Phideaux Xavier.

In 2002, Phideaux began to work with Gabriel Moffat, on a series of new demos. He got back together with drummer Rich Hutchins and recorded songs for what would become the album Fiendish. The finished work was described by Phideaux as "progressive space folk".

The longest track, "Soundblast," took its lyrics from a leaflet dropped over Japan shortly after the detonation of the Atomic bomb at Hiroshima.

This album was released in 2003, despite the copyright of 2004 on the artwork.


  1. "Fragment" (04:12)
  2. "Animal Games" (03:30)
  3. "100 Mg" (03:12)
  4. "100 Coda" (02:24)
  5. "Hellphone" (02:10)
  6. "Little Monster" (05:12)
  7. "Headstones" (04:15)
  8. "Fiendish" (02:59)
  9. "Vultures & Mosquitoes" (04:18)
  10. "Soundblast" (07:17)
  11. "Space Brother" (05:23)