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Fierce Panda Records is especially well known for the compilation albums and EPs. These are traditionally named after a pun, and are usually deleted on the day of release. A list of these and some of the most famous bands featured is below.

List of Fierce Panda Compilations[edit]


NB: Catalogue Numbers of singles released on Fierce Panda begin with the characters "ning" resulting in the titles of many of the above items being in-joke puns.


  • Shagging In The Streets
  • Crazed And Confused
  • Return To Splendor
  • From Greer To Eternity
  • Built To Blast
  • Suzi Quatro Lives In Chelmsford EP
  • Mortal Wombat
  • Songs About Plucking
  • The Joy Of Plecs
  • Screecher Comforts
  • Pandamonium 1-4'
  • The Panda In A Big Vanda Tour '98
  • Dope Is Important
  • Listen With Smother
  • Bless His Little Cotton Rocks
  • Cry Me A Liver
  • Otter Than July
  • Clooney Tunes
  • Cheffing & Blinding
  • Vet Sounds
  • Dark Side Of The Raccoon
  • Cutting Hedge
  • The Squirrel EP
  • Spring Tour 2003
  • Mosh
  • Shock & Oar
  • On The Buzzes
  • Glowing Underground
  • Zip It Up"
  • Licensed to Drill

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